The Wild West

Sasha-3Yesterday was a big day at Sundog.  With Sasha’s permission I’ll show you what happened.   Because Sasha’s babies are growing by leaps and bounds they are ready for branding the WILD WEST WAY……well not literally.  You see with every litter of Sundogs we have a puppy name theme because we get tired calling a puppy by it’s ribbon color….”hey Yellow or Orange come on over here”.  Not that Blue and Red don’t make good names.Sasha-5 Sasha is guarding “the box” knowing something is about to happen.  I tell her the story of our first litter of puppies who were named after California counties.  That is how Yolo, Lassen and Nevada got their names.  Sasha is not impressed.    “OK Mom what is the theme this year what ever theme means?”   I replied  “Did you know this year is THE YEAR OF THE HORSE?  And did you remember your puppies were conceived in the shadow of a round barn in a equine themed hotel?  And did you know both you and Daddy Shilo live on horse ranches?”   “I guess so.  I especially remember red couches at The Fountain Grove Hotel and when I first set eyes on Shilo”   “OK Sasha….that is why this years theme will be WESTERN.”Sasha-4So our big day yesterday was all about branding with ribbons and names.  We needed to have a big photo shoot and the babies were to come out of “the box” for the first time.  Sasha is still not impressed and wonders why the pretty CLEAN fleece is laid outside the whelping box instead of inside it.  SashaThis year we are going ALL OUT with new ribbons to fit our Western theme.  And along with those ribbons go names!Sasha-13This little guy with the blue ribbon is quite a whippersnapper.   His puppy name will be Cowboy.  Sasha-16This is his new ribbon.  He is staying blue but with a Western twist.Sasha-20This is the biggest pup in the litter weighing in at over 2 lbs now!  Her name will be Sunny.   Gotta give her the orange ribbon….ya think.Sasha-25Our little boy in the red ribbon stays red.  Like the bandana pattern?  I was tickled pink…I mean red to find this patterned ribbon at the fabric store.  This red guys puppy name will be Howdy.   Golden’s have a duty to says hello to everybody so I think Howdy is a fine western boy name.Sasha-17Howdy is friends with Cinch, the boy in the brown check.  Cinch is very sleepy after a long feed.  Sasha-19This puppy girl in purple or violet will be named Riata.  Do you know what a riata is?  It is the Spanish word for lasso.   In old times and sometimes now they are handmade out of braided rawhide.Sasha-18I’ve named the pretty girl in tourquoise next to Cowboy,  Rein.  I like the sound of Rein for a name.  Sasha-11One girl always has to be in pink.  Our pink girl will be named Pearl.   I think Pearl would be a pretty grown up name for a white Golden too.  Sasha-2

This little girl pup in the black and white will be called Star.  She is the littlest pup of the group but you can’t call her a runt.     With all pups being within 5 oz of each other there are no runts in this litter….no kidding. Sasha-6Star is strong, making her way right over this obstacle with her eyes closed.Sasha-7This is our little boy named Partner in the green ribbon.  I had to have a boy named Partner…..being the YEAR OF THE HORSE and all.Sasha-33Do you like our Western theme?  Here are some group shots.  Here are the names again from left, Partner, Howdy, Rein, Riata, Sunny, Pearl, Cowboy, Cinch and Star.Sasha-35I’ll show you them from every angle.  I have to admit I am not the kind of photographer who does staged shots like these.  Primarily because I am not a patient person.  But somehow these little babies cooperated for me.  Sasha-37How about those cute behinds.Sasha-39Look who was feeling a little left out.  “I fit in don’t I Mom?”

Enough of group shots.  Time for close ups

Sasha-30Howdy is a hit with the girls.Sasha-27Cinch makes a good headrest…..Sasha-38Before he squiggles in between Cowboy and Pearl.Sasha-29I think they LOVE the fluffy new fleece.  Designed just for them.Sasha-24Sunny matches her boots.  Little does she know. Sasha-23Partner does not mind being on the end.Sasha-42I lied when I said no more group shots.  Are these Kodak moments or what?Sasha-21Adios Amigos!

22 thoughts on “The Wild West

  1. Oh my dog! You just about finished me off, this post should come with a warning! Not only are there enough puppies to turn me into Cruella De’Vil … but then you put ribbons on them! And the names are just gorgeous… thank you for sharing!
    Hugs, Carrie (Myfie, Ellie and Millie) x


  2. Who wants to watch the Super Bowl,
    even though our Seahawks are playing,
    when I can come here and see all the golden babies.
    More please yes yes and yes as the above commenter said.
    I love me a puppy fix…. thanks for sharing.
    Linda C in Seattle


  3. Gingham & Whipstitch & Bandana…OH MY!!
    I just adore them, the theme and the names! I was waiting for a little boy named Spur though. 😉
    I want one darn it. I wish my health would cooperate with my and Nala’s longing for a little brother!
    Please tell Sasha that she is a rock star and that we are all in awe of her spirit.
    Enjoy every millisecond of this experience and time with them. Thank you for letting us be a part of it too, Jo!


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