Weekly Photo Challenge: Nostalgia

ImageOn the right is me looking very young at age 24.  The cute one on the left is my first born son Justin.   He is still cute and will be 32 years old next month.  Do I look in love or proud?  Or both?  I am still proud of my son Justin and in love….well you know what I mean.Image

Fast forward about 20 years.  Here we are again.  Still very much in love….well you know what I mean.ImageFast forward another 10 years.  A very proud mom and we are still very much in love……well you know what I mean.

14 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Nostalgia

  1. We have a son four years older, two grand daughters. Stella, a champion
    swimmer, and Sydney three years younger a star soccer player. We know how you
    feel and appreciate you sharing this essay.


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