Merry Sundog

Unfortunately even at Christmas time the cone comes out.Christ1433Sasha is the lucky one.  Sasha has learned to adjust to the cone.  Some how on a deep level she knows she needs it.  When it accidentally comes off (because we don’t keep it too tight) she sits quietly to have it put back on. Continue reading

Who let the Goats in?

ME!  I let the goats into our house garden in the winter but I have to shepherd them or disaster will strike.  If you know goats you know what I mean.SnowDog-57You would not believe how fast they can mow down a single little rose bush.  This Iceberg rose will was gone in a minute or less.SnowDog-54Right now Cinder has this bush to herself.  Everyone moved off to somewhere else.  Lucky her. SnowDog-55Cinnamon passes on the YUCKY ice-covered Spanish lavender.  For some reason Lavender is not on any of the goats bucket list.SnowDog-60Jackpot.  The herd hit the BIG rose patch.  Did you know it is beneficial to strip the roses stocks of leaves a few weeks before you prune them?  This is one of the reasons I let the goats in.  For me stripping the leaves it a slow task which inevitably draws blood.  The goats beg to differ.  I just pour a glass of wine or a cup of coffee and watch them do the work for me.SnowDog-58Sweet Pea works on my new climbing Iceberg.  This is when disaster can strike.  Have to supervise so no broken pots.  Especially this pot.SnowDog-63Cinder nibbles on frost bit Coleus.  Delicious!  Can’t let anything go to waste.   Stay right there and keep chomping down Cinder… are helping me with my winter cleanup.  SnowDog-56Rosie gets to come in because she belongs with the goats.  Except Rosie will have nothing to do with roses.  She likes the deer grass though.  It needs to be clipped for the winter so she is helping me too SnowDog-66Adios Amigo’s

Black and White Sunday: Rock Creek Cool Off

CB A-5After descending 1000 ft into the canyon above Sundog Ranch, Maisie and daughter Sasha, cool off on our property line.   Which sits right in the middle of Rock Creek.Nola for badge1 copy200