Snow Dogs

SnowDog6:30 AM December 7th.  Sundogs’s never-ending Indian summer has ended.  Oops forgot to put away the cushions and sarapes. Do I dare open the sliding door?SnowDog-21The far away canyon sucks me in.  Despite the cold I slip on some boots and waddle into the slush.  The sun rises exposing the lofty canyon walls.  With the sun comes warmth.  I can already see the golden and red earth showing through.  The icy dusting melting quickly far away over there but not here.SnowDog-20The pool has not frozen over so it can’t be that cold.   The Spirit pines cast their reflections on the water.  Reminding me every day of the earths simple pleasures.SnowDog-22Last of summers harvest hidden from the Sundogs who love to steal them when we are not looking.SnowDog-59The frost has taken it’s toll.  Pumpkin pie is on the menu.  I guess it is time to plant something a little more hardy.SnowDog-2I let the hounds out and guess what happens?SnowDog-5The Crazies, the Zoomies, the Rabbit Run.  What else are you suppose to do in the snow?SnowDog-3Rockin’ Roy is not playing.  The water troughs at the barn froze (someone forgot to turn on the heating element ).  Luckily water is still flowing at the house.  Getting it to the barn should be fun.SnowDog-67Chiron does not seem to mind that his water is frozen.  How I love the way the way he runs to greet me.  A bit more frisky than usual!SnowDog-16GQ on the other hand stares at THE BIRDS.   “One minute Chiron and I were horsin’ around kicking up the dirt and the next minute I’ve got all these tiny birds taking over our pen.  What’s with the birds?SnowDog-8Meanwhile Mangus Manx wakes up and greets the day.  “Good morning Nevada”SnowDog-13Milton is not too enthusiastic about the snowy day.SnowDog-12

Mangus gets right down to some very important kitty action.SnowDog-11Nothing better than snow on the face.  Nevada is ready for the day.SnowDog-9Sasha poses for a 1/2 a second.  I thought she was an almost white Golden but I don’t think so now.  SnowDog-15I got a snow nose mom.  It tastes good!SnowDog-24We can’t let this day go by without a walk to “The Point”  Maisie is ready for the day too.  “Let’s go mom!”  The Sundogs LOVE going to THE POINT.SnowDog-23They don’t need snow boots.SnowDog-36They don’t need jackets either.SnowDog-33Even though snow gets in the eyes. SnowDog-31The views are breathtaking.  Who cares about the cold.SnowDog-35We are on a walk.  Life is good. SnowDog-34Rockin’ Roy loves us.SnowDog-40For some reason sticks taste better when they are frozen.SnowDog-38We even share them.  Only the REAL long sticks.SnowDog-41Sasha is not into sticks right now.SnowDog-42She is picking up the scent of innocent little cotton tail rabbits who are hiding in the bushes for their dear lives.SnowDog-29We have to take some posed photo’s at this lookout.  Brother and sister, Yolo and Nevada.  Complying with my request to sit still even when someone else is running free in the distance.SnowDog-30Staying put even when something zooms by the other way.SnowDog-45We near our destination. Yolo takes in the view.SnowDog-10This is the far away cold canyon I was talking about.  Except it is not so far away now.  SnowDog-46Yolo was the first to reach our destination.  Now he is first to hit the trail for the trip back home.   He has a way of waiting patiently for us as we trudge towards him.  SnowDog-49On the way home, from THE POINT, we can see our humble abode perched on the ridge off in the distance.SnowDog-48When I see this view of our home I am proud.  A dream that became a reality.SnowDog-61Once we arrive home I doodle around in my frozen garden and turn around to see this scene.  Lassen as usual without a care in the world sleeping on ice.  And on the other end of the spectrum Nevada thinking if she gets REALLY REALLY close to the door it may open.  Yolo simply lets Nevada do the work.  Soon he may benefit.

6 thoughts on “Snow Dogs

  1. I love the 2 photos of Yolo and Nevada looking in tandem from one direction to the next! it would make a great stacked picture. love Cheree.



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