Bringing Home the Bacon: Alaskan Style

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This summer I’ve had the pleasure of taking a few vacations.  They have all been sort of working vacations and I’ll tell you what I mean starting with ALASKA!!  Working in Wyoming will come later.This was not a spearfishing trip…….

Introducing: Leslie Anne Webb

A few days ago I was scrolling through my photo libraries like I often do searching for some images I needed at the time.  I stumbled across some photo’s I had taken a few years ago at a Gregg Albracht … Continue reading

Black and White Sunday: Angel Eye

Angel Eye


This is a Arabian Bay Mare named Angel.

She must be in her late twenties or thirties by now.

She used to belong to my sister Sally. Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Carefree


My carefree Chickasha Chiron  born 5/12/06 out of Leavin My Mark and Chickasha Candy

This photo was taken May, 27, 2011.  I was called by a woman who lived in the same community as me to come and do a photo shoot for her 5 year old buckskin gelding.  We took Chiron and his mother Candy to a beautiful lush pasture which needed to be eaten down.  Continue reading

DCWARP goes to St. Bernard Lodge

OK I know what you are thinking.  What the heck does DCWARP stand for.  Well it is kind of knotty, I mean a naughty little secret.  Way back in 2008 a group of cowgirls got together for a horseback riding vacation at a place called Box R Ranch in Southern Oregon.  Lets just say we did a lot more than horseback riding and bonded pretty tight.  Box RBox R Ranch 2008

We have lost a couple members over the years but gained a couple too.  Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: One Shot Two Ways

June 2013 sm_-3This shot was taken inside of a small log barn with the horse looking out towards the natural light.June 2013 sm_-4Here is the same shot with the background blacked out.   Does the original background with light coming through small slats in the log barn and the horse looking out to the light improve the photo in composition or distract from the horse portrait?