Weekly Photo Challenge: One Shot Two Ways

June 2013 sm_-3This shot was taken inside of a small log barn with the horse looking out towards the natural light.June 2013 sm_-4Here is the same shot with the background blacked out.   Does the original background with light coming through small slats in the log barn and the horse looking out to the light improve the photo in composition or distract from the horse portrait?

19 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: One Shot Two Ways

  1. they both have totaly different feelings…the blacked out one leaves it open ended why the horse has such a pensive look in its eye..in the filtered light one, I felt that the horse was sad to be in such a dark barn….


  2. I like the one with the light.
    I think that the blacked out one is a beautiful horse picture. But I think the one with the light is a beautiful horse picture that tells a story.


  3. The light is a distraction if one were supposed to just examine and appreciate the horse. That said I do prefer to little environmental details as well, so guess it’s down to the photographer’s intent at the end of the day.


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