Goat Games

Since requests are coming in for MOAR goats here goes. Enjoy our two young Nubian goats, Sweet Pea (Black & White) and her sister Sorrel as they play what we call “King of the Mountain” game. The video is kinda long but well worth the laughs. They can do this for a long time…..neither wants to surrender.

The Drift Goes Draft: The Big Show

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This is the fourth post in the Draft Horse Classic Series.  Enjoy the show!In order to get into the BIG show at the Draft Horse Classic and better yet win a blue ribbon like this one you have to know … Continue reading

The Drift Goes to the Draft: Showing

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Last post about the Draft Show was bathing.  Now we pick up from there.  Did you know they did this to the Clydesdales to make their feet look so good?   I kinda know.  When I was a show mom … Continue reading

Drift to the Draft: Bathing

Any part of showing a horse includes bathing…for one good reason.DH 12   7     They often look like this. _MG_2603One has to have a good attitude to take on a job like this.  Nattie and Cathy, drivers for Big Feather Shires,  have that good attitude.  Remember them from “Driving with Nattie”_MG_2655See the smile?  See the laughing?  That is how you have to start out._MG_2653The upper neck is about as high up as you want to get on a horse with a hose.  Especially one as big as this._MG_2633They don’t like water sprayed in the face.  Would you?DH 12   21After wetting down the foam comes.  Just like the car wash.DH 12   19The butt especially needs soap.  We know what comes out of there.DH 12   20“PLEASE don’t squirt foam into my face.”   I think this guys name is Turbo.  But I can’t be sure.  I pay attention to taking photo’s not learning names._MG_0515On a Shire, just like the Clydesdale,  cleaning the long white shaggy hair on the bottom legs and feet is an important part of the bath.DH 12   4This lady is just getting started with her Clyde’s lower legs.  Look at that shiny body.  At least she has that part done.MM F-58Belgians have easier legs to clean, not a huge amount of hair and coat.  But they often have white socks which presents more work to get spiffy clean.

As any horse owner with any part white on their horse agrees.DH 12   172Speaking of white, or technically GRAY, here is a gray horse looking really cool wet.  She is one of those pretty Percheron in the red barn I showed you yesterday.DH 12   174She takes one look at me and says…..  “Get me away from this bath, out of these cross ties and back to my buddy who’s looking at me over there.”DH 12   176“It is not fair to tie me like this.  I can learn to stand still if we could just communicate better about it.”Draft H 4Meanwhile the Belgian by the tree stands perfectly still._MG_0431After a bath standing in the warm sun to dry is required.  So far technology has not come out with horse dryers.  Although I’m sure in some fancy horse barn they have them.DH 12   138While standing a little horse love, I mean horse-play is in order.DH 12   27In the end it is all worth it to look at a mane as pretty as this.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Carefree


My carefree Chickasha Chiron  born 5/12/06 out of Leavin My Mark and Chickasha Candy

This photo was taken May, 27, 2011.  I was called by a woman who lived in the same community as me to come and do a photo shoot for her 5 year old buckskin gelding.  We took Chiron and his mother Candy to a beautiful lush pasture which needed to be eaten down.  Continue reading

DCWARP goes to St. Bernard Lodge

OK I know what you are thinking.  What the heck does DCWARP stand for.  Well it is kind of knotty, I mean a naughty little secret.  Way back in 2008 a group of cowgirls got together for a horseback riding vacation at a place called Box R Ranch in Southern Oregon.  Lets just say we did a lot more than horseback riding and bonded pretty tight.  Box RBox R Ranch 2008

We have lost a couple members over the years but gained a couple too.  Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: One Shot Two Ways

June 2013 sm_-3This shot was taken inside of a small log barn with the horse looking out towards the natural light.June 2013 sm_-4Here is the same shot with the background blacked out.   Does the original background with light coming through small slats in the log barn and the horse looking out to the light improve the photo in composition or distract from the horse portrait?