Barn Cat Hotel

There is something exciting down at the barn today according to the Manx Brothers and the Sundogs.  Mama Jo does not agree. MusMonCard

MusMonCard-3The weather man or woman said it was going to be in the triple digits today and I believe it.  On top of that there is some new hay to be put away.  As anyone who has ever had the pleasure of doing this chore knows  it is a GDEC.   Get Done Early Chore.MusMonCard-4A chore the Manx Brothers wish I would put off for at least one more day.  That is because to a barn cat a trailer full of new hay is like a five star hotel room…..for free.  MusMonCard-5Milton loves his large hotel room.  He found the softest bale in the back to bed down, the way kitties like to do.  When the front door was closed the room offered unlimited security and wall to wall windows. MusMonCard-9Mangus on the other hand did not have sleeping on his mind. MusMonCard-8Hay bale stacks mean the hunt is on, there is work to do. MusMonCard-7“Why are you looking at me?  I have work to do.  Breakfast.”MusMonCard-10If first you don’t succeed, try another crack.  Milton is not impressed. MusMonCard-14“The sounds of crunchy bones are singing in my ears.” MusMonCard-13Crazed cat honing in with sonic ears is all I can say about this look. MusMonCard-12Spasm attack. MusMonCard-11Spasm attack, down the crack. MusMonCard-16Milton is still not impressed and Mangus is not sleepy.  “Up in the trees or down the crack…..hmm.  What do I want for breakfast?” MusMonCard-17Even ruthless hunters need to stop and groom.  MusMonCard-19And rest.   MusMonCard-20But not for long. MusMonCard-21From the mouths of kitties…….”There is new territory to explore.” MusMonCard-22Milton disagrees.  The bed is too good to give up right now.MusMonCard-23In Mangus’s world …”Where have I launched myself to now?” MusMonCard-24“Immediately search for a way out.”  MusMonCard-25“Easy Out” MusMonCard-26“Back to safety.” MusMonCard-27“I’m out of here”MusMonCard-29“And I don’t need no stinking key.” MusMonCard-28And Miss Little Angel lies in wait while the chores get done.


Adios Amigos:)

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