Mountain Dogs: Ice Breaker

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Whenever we get in the truck it is a good sign.  We are GOING SOMEWERE!Mama Jo likes to photograph us here because we are contained and the light is controlled….well kinda.We like the truck but we like the ground below … Continue reading

Mountain Dogs: Clean Water

This is a follow up post to Tuesday’s Muddy Waters post and most likely the last “swimming dog” post for the season.  This is day two and three of the same trip to the lake 2 years ago.  On day two we visited the beach in the afternoon hence the shadows and then on day 3 we hit THE PIER in the early morning hence the shadows.   Yolo took the prize as king of the ball all weekend.  Sasha just going on 7 months old was in training doing a pretty good job keeping up with the big dogs. IMG_0253Who ever has the ball is pretty popular. Continue reading

Mountain Dogs: Muddy Waters

Combing through the archives yesterday I came across this photo shoot which I HAVE to share from Aug. 2011.  I wanted to practice action photography and that is exactly what I got.  The harsh light presented challenges plus the pond usually pristine clear,  had turned to half mud and half water late in summer.  Which in time made dirty dogs and dirtier water.  The Sundogs did not mind._MG_0477 Continue reading