Cold Mountain Happy Dogs

SorrelStallionSasha, Tahoe Taverns Beach  1/27/15

As a photographer when you pick up your camera, sling on your pack heavy with lenses and in my case attach myself to 4 excited Golden Retrievers you know the day will be fun.  But will you be able to perform?  Perform as a photographer I mean.  A couple of weeks ago at “the lake” I finally got my groove back.  With my camera that is.

 I love the mix of cold and warm colors in this photoshoot.

 The beauty of the lake in winter.

And happiness found.


We, or at least I, are still grieving the loss of Lassen so time at the lake was just what we needed.

 Worrying will be put aside today.    Low light, low lake, no worries.

See the beauty.


 Retrievers plus water equal happiness.

Moms plus daughters equal happiness

Tahoe plus Goldens equal happiness.

SorrelStallion-13Who cares if it is cold and wet?

We got energy to burn and the whole day is in front of us.

 Learn from dogs.    Learn to keep a positive attitude.

SorrelStallion-14Pay attention to your senses.  They may lead you somewhere important.

Like tasty crawdads.

SorrelStallion-15Listen to your mother when she calls.


Even though the beautiful big world is in front of you.

SorrelStallion-19Keeping a positive attitude is not hard for a Golden Retriever.

SorrelStallion-10Yolo is the epitome of good attitude.

He is always looking ahead to possibilities.SorrelStallion-5Like the possibility of me or Rockin’ Roy throwing something.  Throwing something into the water of course.

 Even though it is January and who knows what temperature the water is.


Yolo has always been our star Sundog in terms of retrieving but Sasha being in her prime gives him a run for his money.

She may be trying to get a head start on the retrieving. Or she may just be taking a dip.

SorrelStallion-7Unfortunately Rockin’ Roy and I are not into getting our pants soaking wet today so no retrieving from the pier.

SorrelStallion-9Being the agreeable Golden’s they are, Sasha and Yolo look to other possibilities for fun.

Why can’t humans be so agreeable and looking for fun?SorrelStallion-26Maisie is looking for possibilities too.SorrelStallion-25A dip in a puddle.SorrelStallion-22Who needs a lake?


My English Cream bundle of love.  An expert in soaking up love and water.

Soaking up the beauty and possibilities.

SorrelStallion-48Every dog is an expert at this.  Call it instinct.

 Something humans lack.SorrelStallion-21The instinct to explore every possibility. SorrelStallion-32To sniff out every possibility. SorrelStallion-31To go after every possibility even if you have to get your feet wet. SorrelStallion-34 SorrelStallion-35 SorrelStallion-36


You won’t see possibilities unless you have your eyes open.
SorrelStallion-40Only keep them closed when concentrating real hard.
SorrelStallion-38Understand the beauty in yourself but keep your eyes on the ball.SorrelStallion-45And don’t forget to have fun.SorrelStallion-46And as I said before, come when your mother calls.SorrelStallion-27Appreciate the forest of life.

SorrelStallion-28And how many times do I have to say it?  The beauty of life.

SorrelStallion-3The trail home is always important.SorrelStallion-2Because sooner or later we gotta get home.SorrelStallion-43Home is were the heart is I think I’ve heard it said.SorrelStallion-42Home is were we rest.SorrelStallion-44Home is were the toys are.

Adios Amigos!

15 thoughts on “Cold Mountain Happy Dogs

  1. Gorgeous pictures Jo. Our local lake is having an alge problem because of draught so no dogs allowed in lake. That didn’t stop our Miss Bailey for playing outside in the recent rain storm while we were at work. Why stay in the laundry room when a golden has glorious rain to frolic in.


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