Seven Days of Sundogs Day 1 Cowboy Kobi

7 days-18Is this a beautiful face or what?

Even if you are not a Golden Retriever lover you gotta admit this is a beautiful face.

The eyes, the ears, the nose the tongue.  He is a product of my imagination.

He is Danehy’s Cowboy Kobi Casanova.

Born January 23, 2014 at Sundog Ranch.

7 days

Kobi left Sundog Ranch a long time ago.

 He was destined to be a big city dog.

Yes that is the big city of San Francisco in the background.

Kobi could care less about San Francisco.7 days-11Kobi has been in training to be a therapy dog.

But today he is focused on something else.

7 days-7He is doing what retrievers do.

Retrieving, imagine that.

He will go get it.

Like he is suppose to. 7 days-12And bring it back.

Like he is suppose to.7 days-17Over and over again.

Like he is suppose to.7 days-8Kobi can move fast.

Even without a ball in his mouth.

7 days-10He has learned the art of flying like his Mama Sasha.7 days-9And the art of pouncing. 7 days-13Pouncing can be just as important as flying.

Especially if you are being a little sneaky.7 days-5Kobi can stand still when observing something or being sneaky.

Especially if that something is moving. 7 days-15Most people may think this is a uninteresting photo.

To a Golden Retriever breeder it is candy to the eyes.

What a body.  Is he put together just right or what?

7 days-14The tail is one of my favorite parts of the Golden Retriever.

Not only is it beautiful…….7 days-6It helps with propulsion. 7 days-4I have to get back to that face.

Even thought there is a tree growing out of it. 7 days-3Tongue out. 7 days-19Or  tongue in?

The way I see it anyway you look at him he is perfect.

But don’t listen to me.

I’m a little bias.

Adios Amigos

Stay tuned for the continuing SEVEN DAYS OF SUNDOGS.

A Mama Jo method for jump starting this puttering blog.

19 thoughts on “Seven Days of Sundogs Day 1 Cowboy Kobi

    • Oh a reunion would be pawsatively wonderful. I bet Cowboy Kobi would love to meet Nalle and talk to her about the job. Kobi still has some reservations about it and maybe Nalle could make him feel more confident. Kobi’s sister Morgen lives in right in SF but not sure what she is up to these days. Take Care and we will keep a play date in mind.

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  1. What a gorgeous looking Kobi! So handsome, vital and jung. It’s always hard to let them go, isn’t it? But what a great job he’s in for. ❤
    Hope you are alright after all this though times. ❤
    Dina x


    • Thank you for your compliments Dina. Yes Kobi has a noble job ahead of him. We are doing OK at Sundog Ranch. Dealing with doctors and hospitals has become routine unfortunately. Rockin’ Roy is “waking up” a little each day since stopping radiation and chemo. So far all MRI’s show no tumor coming back so we live each day to the fullest. Jo

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      • “So far all MRI’s show no tumor coming back so we live each day to the fullest.”
        A good reminder for us all to do so.
        Dogs are wonderful therapists and helpers and mans best friends.
        Wishing you all the best and Kobi a great and fulfilled life out there.


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