Joy to the World: Part 2

So this is where we left off.

Sleeping in the Christmas pit. While sugar plums dance in our heads.We are also allowed to sleep on the big dog bed occasionally.

When Mama Jo lets us out of our cage…..I mean pen. We still sleep under the ottoman.

It has good energy.

It protects us. After sleep we are on the go in a big way.

Mama Jo gets a bit frustrated trying to photograph us. She says her indoor action photography is not so good.

But we beg to differ.

We are doing what puppies do.

We are practicing being dogs.  Somebody has to be the leader. I wonder who that might be? Size does not matter when it comes to being the leader.  Strength of character does matter.  Being tough matters.    Being cute matters.In fact Mama Jo says cuteness is why we love any kind of baby.

How else could we be put up with?

Our whole lives are centered around being needy and getting into some kind of trouble.

So we better be cute.A whole gang of babies equals major trouble around the tree. We can’t help it.

Too much temptation is put in front of us. We do play with things we are supposed to occasionally.

This toy in particular Mama said we could have.We are learning to stash toys for safe keeping.

This one in particular is hard to stash.We are learning to pose if you can believe it.  Mama Jo says we have too.

Or Santa won’t come.

Whoever that is.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

From The Sundog Drift in 2018

10 thoughts on “Joy to the World: Part 2

  1. Love! The patience it took to get the pose. Thanks, Jo, for taking the time to keep us updated. Soon they will be off to their new lives. We will miss them…as will you❣️


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