Joy to the World: Part 1

This is where we left off. 

Before the disaster.The weather was perfect.

The hot smokey air from the summer was long gone.

We had finished our Halloween celebrations.We still had our swimming pool out for warm days.  We had been learning about little people.Our human family. We were well accustomed to our outdoor pen.  We had everything we needed in the pen.

We were learning about “the precious”.   We were safe and secure.

We were best buds. Mama Jo even let us come back in the house at this old age.

She thought we needed to remember were we had come from……3 weeks ago. She let us explore everything inside.  She said it was important for us to be exposed to all kinds of things.  We pretty much had free reign of the house.  At first it was weird being back inside.  But we got used to it quickly.

No sweat. We remembered this bed.

Such a fun place to hang out and play. It still had our scent on it……from 3 weeks ago.  It is called the big dog bed.  Under the ottoman is a favorite hang out and napping place too. Our mama dogs had to stay outside while we explored inside.

Otherwise Mama Jo says things get too complicated.   We did not know it but our perfect life was about to change.

It changed quicker than Mama Jo wanted it to change.

Life changed from good to….well….not so good.

Disaster struck close to home.

A big nasty fire started a few ridges over that was maybe coming our way.

Mama Jo felt she had to keep everyone safe.

So everyone left Sundog Ranch.  All the animals at the barn including us.

Fortunately for us but not for others the nasty fire went the other way.

Sundog Ranch was spared.

The rest of November and most of December went by before Mama Jo could pick up her camera and tell our story.

But during this time a miracle happened.

We ended up in wonderful forever homes.  

And a whole new bunch of us were born. We are a younger group.

Not as sure of our surroundings.  We know we have it good.

Even though we were born in a travel trailer in a friends driveway.

In the middle of a disaster.We know others like us have been here.

Even though Mama Jo washed the cowhide we can smell what was left behind.

We have good noses. We hang out in all the same places. We hide in the same places.  We have a wonderful Mama.  She watches over us.  We live in the same pit but this time of year it is called the Christmas pit. 

We are Joy to the World……just like every puppy before us.

Stay tuned for Part Two of JOY TO THE WORLD

Adios Amigos!

5 thoughts on “Joy to the World: Part 1

  1. Its been a while…but, of course, you’ve been just a little busy. Thanks for posting the update on both litters. Its cuteness overload. Come January you will miss them…but will have some time for yourself. Happy Holidays🎄


  2. A beautiful new crop of babies! We are watching a Christmas special and Toby is playing with big brother CJ. Thank you for our best Christmas present ever! Merry Christmas!!!


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