We are making things spooky around here.

And having plenty of fun at it.We are pups growing strong.

We have eyes and ears and legs and mouths with teeth…..that work.We’ve had proper socialization so not much spooks us.  Graveyards are a puppy’s paradise.  Digging practice makes perfect. They tell us to BEWARE of the spirits within……but spirits don’t faze us.

The only spirits we see around here are good.  We spend our time getting into mischief.

That is what Halloween’s all about right?Playing tricks and getting away with them.We do things we are not supposed to do. We test each other just for fun.  We play with the big dogs. The mama dogs.  Great Grandma Maisie is amazing.

She still has a playful spirit. She shows us it is attitude that counts.She shows us the best attitude (at least for a Golden) is to be happy.We are interested in whatever interests her.

She shows us our noses are important. She shows us love and understanding.  Going after her tail teaches us eye to mouth coordination. Grandma Maisie kinda scares us but we know she is teaching us to respect your elders.  As always we feel compelled to put our head in her mouth as the ultimate show of submission. It is a right of passage.

Not everyone has the courage to do it.We are learning to play without our mama’s too. But it’s not all about play.

It’s not all about submission.We are learning how to be powerful and dominant. We can play rough with the big dogs even though they are the mama dogs. Without play what would a dog doo?We have toys that are not really meant for us. But everything within mouths reach is up for grabs right?Plants with flowers are favorites if you want to get a humans attention. It works every time. Puddles no matter how small deserve an investigation. Mama Jo tells us we are too cute.

Too cute.Too cute.Too cute. We are learning to climb mountains. We are learning to pose.

Much to Mama Jo’s delight.We search with our noses like Grandma Maisie taught us.We are mastering the game of tug-o-war.  Heads or tails wins.We have a wonderful life and nothing scares us.

At least for now.


13 thoughts on “Spooktacular!

  1. Happy Halloween! Thank you for another terrific post. We love seeing photos of our boy and all of the adorable, “too cute” family. Looking forward to seeing you all next weekend!


  2. WOW!!! What an adorable cute bunch of rascals! So playful and lots of personality. They all look so HAPPY and HEALTHY! Good Job Moms! Can’t wait for our TREAT! My Dad who we called the Dog Father would be sooooo very pleased. Tears of Joy…
    Blessings, Chip, Lisa and Kevin!


  3. Your Halloween decor is so cute but I didn’t even notice until about my third time through because I’m so captivated by these beautiful puppies! Great pictures and great post; like always. I smile the whole time I’m looking………and really telling myself that I already have two dogs even though I’d LOVE to scoop up one of Ukiah’s relatives. 😉


    • Thank you. My housekeeper/house sitter/friend extraordinare helped make and design it all. We had a puppy costume party for friends and people becoming new Sundog or Danehy Dog parents. If it was left up to me a few pumpkins would sit out side the front door. With dogs. I know there is a limit. My limit has dropped to just 3 adult dogs. They cost money and it is hard to divide all your attention. Give Baily a hug for old mama Jo.


  4. Maizie looks great! We forgot to wish her a Happy Birthday this year from Bailey who is still very puppy like too and walks about 4-5 miles a day with us. Pretty good for an 11 year old!
    Kay Rodriguez


    • Omgosh sooooooo goooood to hear Bailey is doing well in her senior years. Keep her moving that is essential. Her and Maisie have come a long way. Their puppy names in 07′ were things in Tahoe. Miss Maisie Rose after Mt Rose. Bailey was Sugar Pine after Sugar Pine State Park and the tree itself.


  5. Jo, thank you so much for these adorable pics! I catch myself frequently thinking, “I wonder what our baby boy is up to…” Now I can see! Can’t wait to get him in my arms again, but oh so delighted he is having fun with his brothers, sisters, mama, and grammies! Until then, we are marking days on the calendar. 🙂 Kathleen


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