Little Healers

Fiona4wk_62This is not just a cute little puppy with a blue gingham ribbon.   One you would like to pick up, squeeze, hug, kiss and hopefully get a whiff of puppy breath from.  He, I might add, is a bona fide healer. Fiona4wk_13 These puppies don’t have to try hard at being healers.  It is in inborn in them.Fiona4wk_14When humans come to visit the puppies it is fun to watch them get sucked into being relaxed and happy.  Some don’t want to leave the puppy pit.  I don’t blame them.  It is a tough world out there. Fiona4wkExperts say “people who are poor at confiding in others, showing love or making friends were able to lavish affection on a pet.”   And if you add to that a Sundog puppy the effect is even better.   That is why I take my job seriously.Fiona4wk_16If you don’t mind I am going to get serious because healing is a serious subject.  The healing power of dogs is real.   Puppies work their magic just by being puppies but they grow into dogs who can heal humans.  Seriously. Fiona4wk_45As witnessed in the puppy pit, pets (especially puppies) decrease our state of arousal which in turn lowers our blood pressure.  A large study out of Harvard shows pet (which means dog to me) ownership can lower your cholesterol and triglyceride levels.  Seriously.Fiona4wk_57Therefore decreasing our chances for a heart attack or stroke.   At least while in the puppy pit. Fiona4wk_50Puppies and eventually dogs fulfill our most primitive and basic need, the need for touch.  Even if you don’t have a puppy but have a dog, stop the busy work you are doing and go hug your dog…..if they happen to be near you.  You will feel better and maybe work past some struggles in your mind.Fiona4wk_48Dogs alleviate our loneliness.  They are there for us when we grieve.  They can help with the loss of a loved one.  They know when we feel pain.  Physical or emotional pain, they are there to help in an instant. Fiona4wk_47Dogs and especially puppies increase our social contact.  They help us meet people we otherwise might not meet.Fiona4wk_38Dogs can turn a shy, insecure child into a genial social butterfly.  It is hard to ignore the joy dogs can bring.  Hence mans best friend.Fiona4wk_42 Children can improve their reading skills by reading to dogs.    Leave it to the power of dogs to help with such an important skill.  It is all in an easy days work for a dog. Fiona4wk_43Just looking at a puppy for gosh sake can make your pain go away. Fiona4wk_56Prisoners have a change in attitude and behavior when working with dogs…I mean pets.  For some it might be the first time they have been able to give and receive affection. Fiona4wk_46I have not even touched on the service work dogs do for disabled kids and adults.  Somebody could write a book about that….with beautiful touching photo’s.Fiona4wk_40Dogs can be huge emotional support for veterans with PTSD.  Some vets with PTSD have  awful nightmares.   Dogs can help them to sleep better.  Dogs can help calm vets filled with anger and rage.  They can actually help stop panic and anxiety attacks.   And do you know what else?  They can remind vets who need to take medication….to take it on time.  It goes without saying emotional support dogs can be the determining factor between life or death for a vet. Fiona4wk_60Dogs are good at helping with disasters.  They help humans cope not to mention rescuing humans in just about any kind of disaster.  Except maybe in a fire or active hurricane.Fiona4wk_59Dogs of all sizes can search for lost humans and pets.  Bringing home the bacon or at least clues as to someones whereabouts. Fiona4wk_31Do you know about seizure protection dogs?  Some dogs without training naturally detect and alert before someone is about to have a seizure.  How is that for perception?  Fiona4wk_32Besides sensing seizure activity they can sense when a diabetic’s blood sugar drops and alert.  How is that for dependability?Fiona4wk_26Recently it has been proved dogs can smell cancer.Fiona4wk_22It is only a matter of time before we won’t need CT and MRI machines. Fiona4wk_23Even though dogs are number one at lying around and chilling they are also number one at being active and keeping us active.  We gotta get out and move with them.  Moving makes a body better.  No ifs, ands or buts about it. Fiona4wk_54Did you know that dogs especially puppies can howl…….I mean sing.  With out any training at all?Fiona4wk_55They sing to get something they want.  Especially when they are puppies.Fiona4wk_64Just knowing you will get a puppy soon is enough to heal a heart. Fiona4wk_52If you have never had a puppy or a full grown dog and are considering it.  Don’t hesitate for long.Fiona4wk_53Disaster could strike.Fiona4wk_9Basically it goes without saying ……puppy silliness is good for the soul.  You can’t pull the wool over your eyes about it. Fiona4wk_11Puppies can put foot in mouth and get away with it.Fiona4wk_8Puppies can bite and get away with it.Fiona4wk_7Puppies can fight and get away with it.Fiona4wk_6Puppies can eat all they want and get away with it.Fiona4wk_2Puppies can sleep all they want and get away with it.

Healing is hard work.

Adios Amigos!

13 thoughts on “Little Healers

  1. Hi Jo! What a wonderful post! One of your best I think. Seeing pictures of our little boy is definitely healing my day and making my heart sing. Thank you!


  2. Jo, your words ring so very true. We can’t imagine not having furry people in our lives. Thanks for the updated pics. We are so very excited for our new love! See you next weekend! Kathleen & David


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