Beauty, Bathing and the Beasts

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Life is beautiful and QUIET around Sundog these days.  Not a whole lot going on to tell the truth.   The red bud has budded.    The veges are planted and have so far survived occasional break ins….. by the … Continue reading

Mountain Dogs: Muddy Waters

Combing through the archives yesterday I came across this photo shoot which I HAVE to share from Aug. 2011.  I wanted to practice action photography and that is exactly what I got.  The harsh light presented challenges plus the pond usually pristine clear,  had turned to half mud and half water late in summer.  Which in time made dirty dogs and dirtier water.  The Sundogs did not mind._MG_0477 Continue reading

Mountain Dogs: Trash Works

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When we go to Tahoe it is all about the water.  I can’t even begin to relax until I’ve taken the Sundogs to the Lake. Why are my beautiful Golden’s retrieving trash you ask? Because somebody forgot proper retrieving implements … Continue reading