Mountain Dogs: Muddy Waters

Combing through the archives yesterday I came across this photo shoot which I HAVE to share from Aug. 2011.  I wanted to practice action photography and that is exactly what I got.  The harsh light presented challenges plus the pond usually pristine clear,  had turned to half mud and half water late in summer.  Which in time made dirty dogs and dirtier water.  The Sundogs did not mind._MG_0477Give me stick, give me water, I am happy._MG_0478I will go over this big, giant, dead tree as many times as you want me to._MG_0337There is no limit to my energy._MG_0339The Zen Rock force is upon us.  It shadows our fierce energy with it’s calm stillness._MG_0351We don’t care how dirty we get._MG_0455Even the older dogs go over the log._MG_0422When the competition starts we strive to win but who cares who wins._MG_0374The stick splashes and we are on it._MG_0375Good thing the water is shallow, we can power through it._MG_0377Who will the winner be, Maisie, Yolo, Sasha or Nevada?_MG_0380For some reason I can’t tell.  Zen Rock is watching._MG_0474It is time for the Sundogs to Zen out.IMG_0004Because hikers are everywhere and we have to leash up._MG_0066Once the hikers disperse we have a little more fun on the way home.  This is how we dry off._MG_0239Miss Maisie Rose plowing through the Mountain Asters feeling very satisfied._MG_0250Time to go back on the leash since the highway is nearby.  Come on everybody, let’s go home. _MG_0271Life is good with Rockin’ Roy.  He makes sure we make it back home._MG_0443To the couch.

Adios Amigos.

12 thoughts on “Mountain Dogs: Muddy Waters

    • Thanks! Walking 5 dogs on leash is a challenge as I am not a professional dog walker. The answer to your question… we don’t wash them. They must dry off though before coming inside and if there was a lot of dirt in the water like this time they may need a brushing once dry to make the rest of the dirt fall out of their coats.


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