Sunrise Swim

As I alluded to in my last post I am out in the wild blue yonder again having cowgirl fun.

I will leave you today with Sundog memories of “our” last summer swim of 2013 in our big blue lake in the sky.

It was around 7AM September 3, 2013

This is how it usually starts at the lake.Dummy War-15“We HAVE to get Mama Jo to take us to the water ASAP”

Dummy War-17This is what is required….or the precious.

Dummy War-8Leaping is required too.

Dummy War-9Going down.

Dummy War-10Down under.

Dummy War-12Thank goodness I know how to swim.

Dummy War-13We think she has too much of a leap on us so we will just wait here awhile till she gets closer with the prize. Dummy War-6Close enough, we are going out. Dummy War-14If you saw last Wordless Wednesday you know what is about to happen next. Dummy War-2Yup….water wars. Dummy War-3You have to hold on as tight as you can no matter what even if you are almost knocked off. Dummy War-18And get straightened out so you get full paw power. Dummy War-5Once on land don’t give up.Dummy War-21Because Mama Jo will throw it again and again and again……..

Adios Amigos!

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