Rise and Shine

The story of my life this week is being a nurse, photographer, ranch manager and blogger.

Oh and did I mention being a cowgirl who just wants to have fun?MusMonCard-4That is why I am digging into the archives today and tomorrow to leave you with some memories of when the sun was low but very far away.

January 2014……the temp was only 48 degrees.  The Sundogs were in jail.

MusMonCard-10The rosemary was in bloom.

MusMonCard-2Kitty enjoying the sun as usual.

MusMonCard-5Kitty on the prowl.

MusMonCard-7Kitty doing what kitty does.

MusMonCard-22A walk to “The Point” was in order.  Nevada checks out the canyon.  No lions, safe to continue on.

MusMonCard-15Sun up.  Tails up.

MusMonCard-17The cool canyon walls await the warmth.  Maisie is not thinking about the canyon walls.

MusMonCard-20Grooming while the sun rises is important.   From mom to daughter.

MusMonCard-19From daughter to mom.

MusMonCard-11This daughter is about to be a mom.

MusMonCard-12Where babies come from.  Tails up!

MusMonCard-13Golden in more ways that one.

  Can you believe there are 9 baby Sundogs in there?  Born 2 weeks after this photo.  REALLY.

MusMonCard-23While basking in the rising sun tasting sticks is important too.

MusMonCard-24Getting a good hold on the stick is important to shredding it.

MusMonCard-28As the sun continues to rise a pose is in order.  Yolo says  “no problem”  My teeth are nice and clean now.

MusMonCard-29On return to Sundog look who’s looking to get out of jail.

Suns up up now.  Time to get to work.

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