Cowgirl Heaven

Dummy WarThis is a little bit of what you call Cowgirl Heaven.  Bombay, straight up, dirty.

Yes that is yours truly.  Close up with my weakness.  I proclaim I am not afraid to show my face or age………when I am happy. Dummy War-2Does this woman look happy?  She’s sticking to the light stuff.  No those empties are not all hers.

Even though she is the birthday girl!

Dummy War-47This is also a bit of Cowgirl Heaven.

  A cabin where you can look out the window and kiss your horse.

Dummy War-4A cabin where the kitchen and bathroom are one.  A great place for multitasking.

IMG_2575Did I mention we sometimes ride horses?  Here we are approaching the end of the trail.  This place is Cowgirl Heaven.

Get out-of-the-way Harley’s.  Here we come.

Dummy War-13This is what you call bellying up to the bar.  Horsey style.  See what I mean about Cowgirl Heaven?

IMG_2582This is what you call a thirsty horse.  Dog bowl will make do.  What a nice mom.

Dummy War-8This is a REAL Harley.  A happy Harley appreciating a dog friendly place after a long ride.

Is he cute or what?

The Sundogs would be jealous.

Dummy War-7Macie is happy too after a long ride.  At 11 years old she survived the ride without a scratch.

Dummy War-12The start to a REALLY fun afternoon… on to the evening.

A place where you can wine and dine and love a horse all at the same time.  Cowgirl Heaven.

Dummy War-38Martini # 2   Who is having fun?

Dummy War-39Me or them?

  Dummy War-40ALL OF US!!!!!

I know I’m gonna sound corny but  “Just being together is….you got it….Cowgirl Heaven

I still proclaim I am not afraid to show my age….when I am happy.

Dummy War-25We are not the only ones horsin’ around.  I see trouble starting through beer bottles and a Martini.

Dummy War-18Now, now be good boys.  DO NOT ruin the party.

Dummy War-17Boys will be boys.  They DID NOT ruin the party.

Dummy War-41 Because somebody is a little tired and does not feel like horsin’ around.  Maybe it is because somebody was HORSIN’ AROUND and THEN somebody banged on my door at 2AM to tell me THE HORSES ARE OUT.

Not my perfect horse.  He would never cause problems……..

….in the middle of the night after a Old Chico, 2 Martini’s and a PM as if I needed help to sleep.

Dummy War-20Now this is an act of kindness.

This perfect horse kept this nice woman from sleeping all night and she still offered him water to quench his thirst….from her little doggy bowl.

Dummy War-22And then little Marley started getting worried about her bowl being swallowed up.

How about giving me some water mom?  I went on the trail ride too.

  Dummy War-34I see kisses coming from the little Hawaiian girl with very clean teeth and breath.

Dummy War-36Yup, kissing time.   Cowgirl Heaven.

Dummy War-32Not done yet.   Kissing contest.  That tongue might be the winner.

Dummy War-31Is this happiness or what?

Dummy War-35Horses and dogs = happiness and love = Cowgirl Heaven.

Dummy War-43This is the best place ever.  They even let our horses in the bar.


Adios Amigo’s 🙂

16 thoughts on “Cowgirl Heaven

  1. That is my idea of the ideal birthday!!! You ladies look like you are having a ball and I am so glad that you all have so many people to share such a wonderful time with! Thanks so very much for sharing the joy!


    • They are harder to find near the big cities. If you ever come to Northern California this is “The Outpost” in Butte Meadows. The customers sitting with the horses had a great time watching them. The were very entertaining, knocking over chairs, grabbing purses, flirting (Susie the mare was in heat)near the boys, trying to get in the bar. Most of the time the parking lot is filled with quads trucks and cars. We lucked out.


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