Mountain Dogs: The Pier

When we go to the lake we go tho “The Pier”AK“The Pier” is a special place.AK-3This is one of the ramps we go up.AK-6There is many levels to explore.AK-7Oh wow!AK-8What is that out in the lake?AK-9Mr. Lassen poses in the same frame.  What a handsome boy.AK-10As you can see we have some competition going on for the prize.  Yolo (9 yrs old) used to be the king of getting the “what ever you were throwing”.  Now Sasha has the edge at 2 years old but I am very impressed with Yolo’s drive at 9 yrs old to still go for the prize.AK-12Here we go again down the pier.  Lassen in the lead happy as can be.  In the background….poor Yolo trying to keep the prize.AK-13Of course they ended up in the water.  Yolo with the prize is in heaven, in the middle as usual, almost to the stairs .AK-5

Got wet.AK-11

Got the prize.   Time for a shake.


Gotta drop the prize to shake right.AK-15



Wet gone, got the prize….taking off again.


Time for a pose.

Adios Amigo’s

12 thoughts on “Mountain Dogs: The Pier

  1. The prize goes to all four ones. They’re simply the best! What a wonderful post. The first photo is ♥♥♥ – it’s very inspiring and heratwarming to watch your work.
    Love and cuddles


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