Beauty, Bathing and the Beasts

Mangus-3Life is beautiful and QUIET around Sundog these days.  Not a whole lot going on to tell the truth.   The red bud has budded.  Danika 2-4  The veges are planted and have so far survived occasional break ins….. by the beasts not the insects.  That soft soil is nice to dig in you know.  Danika 2-3Speaking of digging….the weeds are a work in progress.

MangusSpeaking of the beasts……Maisie, like the goats, finds the roses delicious.  Good thing they have thorns.   I did not mean that in a mean way.

Mangus-4After munching on roses a self-given bath is in order.  Maisie has a favorite cool off corner.   Mangus looks on in amazement.

Mangus-5Cat thinking……”Why in the world would anyone want to get in the water?”

Mangus-6Dog thinking…..”Ahhhhh I am one lucky dog!”

Mangus-7 “Thanks for spoiling the heck out of me.” Mangus-8“Sun in my face, water on my body, life is good!” Mangus-11Yolo sip.  “We have to stay hydrated you know.” Mangus-13Sasha’s cool off place.


Mangus-14Lassen’s look.

Danika 2Water in the ears.   As I said not much going on at Sundog.


Adios Amigos 🙂

14 thoughts on “Beauty, Bathing and the Beasts

  1. Our 11 year old golden had a “senior wellness” checkup yesterday. I learned that he was checked for cholesterol, sugar, and on and on. The vet pronounced him to be in excellent shape. Our vet told that she rescued a golden that was just hanging out in her area…he was in bad shape and skinny. she got his health back into shape…and since no one has claimed the dog…she now has a friend who does not want to be very far away. She has learned about why they are so special…and called velcro dogs. 🙂


  2. Sigh……….your place looks just HEAVENLY! The dogs look simply awesomely gorgeous (pardon the grammar!). City life sure sucks! The peace and tranquility portrayed in your blog is enviable. You have a great life there, and dont you ever forget it! 🙂


    • Thank you. I have to chime in that Rockin’ Roy and I have worked our heart and soul out to make our place what it is. Except for the case of building Sundog we seldom hire help. I lived many a day on the streets of cities and all that dreaming lead to all this. Keep your dreams alive if you want to get out of the city. JD


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