Talking Turkey and Photo Bombing in the Garden of Eden


Danika 2-56

 Here we are at our little ranch.

Danika 2-28

 Now a days I call it a Garden of Eden.

Danika 2-29

 I have NEVER in my 57 years of life been able to get a clemantis to grow let alone thrive and bloom.

Danika 2-40My roses are OUT OF CONTROL beautiful and I have not done a stinking thing to them except smell them and cut them since some time last summer.  That’s right… no pruning or fertilizing.

Danika 2-3The verbena ground cover is taking over turning into a purple carpet.  Fine with me.  Weeding it is a bitch though…..oops did not mean to swear.  Purple is my theme color this year .  Can you tell?

Danika 2-4While out photographing the Garden of Eden someone keeps photo bombing.

Danika 2-5Mangus jumps into every frame.  I can’t stop him.

Danika 2-6

 It is as if he is saying “MOM your blog is about animals NOT plants”

Danika 2-7

 I can’t get rid of him.

Danika 2-8

 Now I am back to photographing The Garden of Eden.  Orange and purple are my favorite colors.  They are complementary colors if I remember correctly from art school 5 million years ago…or is it orange and blue?

Danika 2-9

 There he is again darn it.

Danika 2-10

 It is as if he wants to stop me from what I am trying to focus on.

Danika 2-11Now he is coming at me……..

Danika 2-12“How am I suppose to do my work Mangus with you getting in the way and in my photo’s?

Danika 2-13OK one chin scratch….

Danika 2-14OK NOW back to the color purple.  This plant I kid you not is a left over annual from a pot planted some time last summer.  I forget the name of the plant, or flower.  Does someone know?  It does well here at Sundog so it is on the list as replantables.

Danika 2-15My focus is a little off here.

Danika 2-16Now my focus is in but there is some kind of being photo bombing again.

Danika 2-19There he goes again with that weird kitty look way saying “How can I get to you when I’m here and you are standing up over there?”

Danika 2-18“There is no were to land if I jump to you.”

Danika 2-17“Maybe if I get close enough I can jump on you.”

Danika 2-20“I’m frustrated.”

Danika 2-21“I’m seriously frustrated.”

Danika 2-26By  this time I have had enough of a crazed kitty demanding my attention.  I turn my attention to the purple pansies.  Pansies are on my list of replants too….in the spring.

Danika 2-23Finally Mangus leaves my frame but I’m drawn to frame on him.  I love the site of animals drinking.  Whatever animal they might be.

Danika 2-24You can’t lead a cat to water and you can’t make him drink.

Danika 2-25Enough is enough.

Danika 2-27Oh no it is not enough….one more drink.  You have to get plenty of what you want in the Garden of Eden.

Danika 2-30Back to flower photography.    Just love my pansies.

Danika 2-38

 Gerber daisies go on the replant list too.  I can’t make them stay alive in a vase but in the dirt they thrive.  Orange and blue, rocking COLOR.

Danika 2-31Animal drinking again… this time the nurse in me is kicking in and I’m beginning to think this cat may be diabetic.   Us nurses get so paranoid about disease.

Danika 2-32Good, clear, clean water.  What could be better?

Danika 2-33Licking it off your lips……

Danika 2-34Going in for more……

Danika 2-35

Drinking from the waters of the sprouting lotus plant… is good.

Danika 2-39

 As I mention my roses are OUT OF CONTROL.  Some of them are 6 ft high.

Danika 2-41A secret meeting space in the Garden of Eden.

Danika 2-42

Speaking of secrets……we have a secret in the puppy palace.  The puppy palace is being used for some different kind of babies.Danika 2-57As I said in the title…..we’ve been talking turkey.

Danika 2-44Talking about having turkeys for Thanksgiving…..sorry to all you vegetarians

Danika 2-45

 Yup we got turkeys!

Danika 2-46

 Four to be exact.  Wild turkeys, Rio Grande’s is what I was told.

Danika 2-48

This is a big experiment on Sundog.  Are we going to be able to raise meat to eat?  Hopefully so because I think……….if you are going to eat meat you should make your meat and eat it too.

Danika 2-47

 This little guy or gal is eying the ledge on the top of the whelping box….the perching instinct is setting in.

Danika 2-49

 Another challenge is going to be keeping the darn turkeys alive.  As you can see we have a few predators around Sundog.

Danika 2-51Who me?

Danika 2-52Back to the Garden of Eden.

Danika 2-53

 Blue Flax……a native with little need for water like someone I know.

Danika 2-54

 The lawns are looking good…except lonely without puppies frolicking on them

Danika 2-55

 Speaking of lonely.  Remnants of a puppy named Partner….gone many weeks now.

Danika 2Enough with talking turkey and photo bombing.  The hollyhocks are sprouting.   The Garden of Eden is calling.

Adios Amigos

24 thoughts on “Talking Turkey and Photo Bombing in the Garden of Eden

  1. Beautiful Jo! It is orange and blue, violet and yellow. And of course that leaves red and green. Can’t help it, the art teacher just comes out now and then!


  2. Mangus you are a boy Manx to the bone aren’t you! Were you and Marty separated at birth? The garden is beautiful! The turkeys are cool. Good luck keeping the mighty hunter away!
    Marty’s Mom


  3. Turkeys… How fun that is going to be, can’t wait to see what they get into.
    Can I just say I am GREEN over your garden It is beautiful.!
    I almost cried when I saw the green ribbon from Partner.


  4. Your flowers are gorgeous! And turkeys… oh boy turkeys… I can’t wait to see what happens next. We’ve done turkeys. Then we’ve swore we’ll never do them again, and then a few years pass… and we do it again… it’s a cycle. We are talking about getting some next year…



  5. Ohhhhh…what beauty and colors! Turkeys…and oh my! Well, as you know, I’m a veggie who eats one slice of turkey, typically, at Thanksgiviing! Kitty in the photos is just plain part of the photo! The memory of the green ribbon made me smile 🙂 Thanks Jo, Peggy


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