21 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: The Brothers x 16

  1. Not only are your pictures/scenery just stunning, but these beautiful dogs put a smile on my face every single time! Doesn’t matter what kind of day I might be having, this will be a guaranteed day brightener. Thanks Jo.


  2. All of your dogs are beautiful! I have 2 male Goldens & I adore them! My question is: do you ever have their hair cut? I see how pretty your babies look, also how often do you brush, bathe, etc?. I had mine cut pretty short for the summer but have had a few people tell me that their coats actually help keep them cool. I hope I haven’t ruined their coats now?! I live in Montana so summers are hot & winters are freezing!


    • Thanks you for your compliments. I just adore Lassen and Yolo too, my handsome and “gentle” men. Even though I live in brush country with tons of stickers etc. I am not a fan of cutting coats. Obviously the upkeep is much easier but I LOVE the look of their coats and if I wanted a short haired dog I would get a yellow lab….I love labs too. When the temp gets into the high 90’s and 100’s here the Sundogs come inside or go out in their air conditioned “Puppy Palace”. Bathing takes a back seat to brushing, neither happens enough. Since I have five I am lucky to get them all brushed once a week. I have a variety of special brushes and detangle sprays to help if they get matts. Bathing happens every 1 to 2 months. OR sooner if someone gets the bright idea to roll in something sweet:) As long as your groomer knows what they are doing and does not cut or shave too close into your Golden’s double coat their coats should be preserved. Thanks for visiting “The Sundog Drift” Hope you will follow:)


  3. picture 1 almost looks like they are onboard an airship flying over a lake πŸ˜› also love the one of they looking over a cliff… though it looks a little dangerous πŸ˜› and the photo below… synchronised!


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