DCWARP goes to St. Bernard Lodge

OK I know what you are thinking.  What the heck does DCWARP stand for.  Well it is kind of knotty, I mean a naughty little secret.  Way back in 2008 a group of cowgirls got together for a horseback riding vacation at a place called Box R Ranch in Southern Oregon.  Lets just say we did a lot more than horseback riding and bonded pretty tight.  Box RBox R Ranch 2008

We have lost a couple members over the years but gained a couple too.  Every year we plan 3 or 4 “horsey vacations” and have just a bit of a good time.  We tried to come up with a cutesy name for our group like, “Saddle Sisters”  but nothing seemed to fit us right.  Hence DCWARP…elegant name huh?  OK I’ll come out with it….


I KNOW it sounds awful.  We are NOT what it sounds like.  We are good people with professions, with  jobs……you know what I mean.  It takes WORK and skill to ride and keep a horse right?   Our club name is no joke, I mean a JOKE.   OK I’ll shut up.

Since Box R Ranch is pretty far away for us to go every year we have found another place just a couple of hours away that we meet at almost every year.  It is a wonderful lodge with cozy rooms, great food, room for our horses, miles of trails to ride…..and of course a place to entertain ourselves.St B187St. Bernard Lodge 2011

The trip always starts kind like this…..June 2013 sm_-38Horsey has to get a bath.  June 2013 sm_-3-2This year was Chiron’s first time.  August 16th 2013.   He has no idea what is coming next.June 2013 sm_-2-2The truck and trailer get a bath too…..every time.June 2013 sm_-8As soon as we get there the horses go to their stalls and get re-acquainted.St B175Then the fun begins.    Carol and Yovie 2011June 2013 sm_This year we got started with lots of goodies.  Fresh berries, homemade Alaskan salmon dip and pita chips.  Ya gotta soak up the spirits with something nutritious right?June 2013 sm_-2This year we got snazzy little shot glasses……since we are “The Drinking Club”.   Yikes, that sounds bad I know….but it is all tongue and cheek.  OK I’ll shut up.

  This is ONE HELL OF A COWGIRL…getting started.  I’ll just call her Carol B for now.

June 2013 sm_-6

Don’t let this photo give you the wrong idea about Carol.  She is one of the most professional, honest and hardest working gals I know,  away from DCWARP……

Those who work hard pay hard right?

June 2013 sm_-4Carol’s new drink.  I’ve never known her to like whiskey but she found a special whiskey that suits her personality.   FIREBALL

She insisted on pouring a taste of FIREBALL for our friendly innkeeper, Sharon.  She did not have to twist Sharon’s arm too hard to taste FIREBALL.

St B185One year we had a couple of big birthdays.   And boy did we celebrate!  Like we need a reason to party.St B174With decorations and everything.St B173The sign goes on every trip.  Cathy and Carolyn otherwise know as Aunt Cathy and Carolion. They had 50 and 60th birthdays.  This is when they could still hold the sign up.St B176Do you think we could start a reality show?  The Cowgirls of…….????  Just watch and you will see what I mean.  We are quite entertaining.St B181Things are getting going now!  Dancing on the deck.  Yovie and Deni 2011St B177Can you see guess where these yummy cupcakes are going besides inside Carol and Deni’s mouths?St B179Watch out for Rae!  This is not a cat fight.  It is a cupcake fight with Rae “Racy Rae” aiming to win.  Do you see where this is going?  No Carol did not end up with a black eye.St B180Racy Rae won though.  St B182Plenty of sunshine left to dry out a hand washed DCWARP shirt.  St B183This fits with the reality show image don’t you think?June 2013 sm_-7

DCWARP  August 16th 2013!  We are looking kind of tame here.  It is hard to keep up our rowdy reputations at all times.June 2013 sm_-9Since we did not get quite TOO rowdy this year we actually got on our horses and rode after the deck festivities.

St B166Once we retire from the deck and a ride the pool table usually gets some use.  Here’s Yovie warming up her cue stick, while the other girls are hard at work. 2012St B167Cue sticks make good microphones, did you know?  I told you we were entertaining…..especially SOME members of the group.

St B188Shall I mention who?

Desperate Cowgirls …….I mean Housewives of ….??????

June 2013 sm_-10After all the fun we usually settle down for a delicious dinner with some wonderful local Californian wine of course.  Sharon of the St Bernard Lodge serves Aunt Cathy, 2013.
June 2013 sm_-36This is Jim of the St Bernard Lodge very happy in his kitchen.  He cooks all the meals at the lodge with a smile on his face.  The food is to die for and one of the reasons we keep coming back…..and one of the reasons I can’t stay on my diet when I am there.St B184Did I say the food was delicious? June 2013 sm_-12We have a special visitor for meals and he always gets to sit near you know who.
I’ve named him Ben.   Carol, Ben and Yovie.  2013June 2013 sm_-19Did I say the St. Bernard Lodge was a wonderful place to visit?June 2013 sm_-13Excuse me ladies of this photo for snapping this snap shot so quickly but I could not resist showing our guests our special times in the morning.  This is when I feel like a little girl again after a slumber party.  Except I’m 56 and it is coffee time. June 2013 sm_-2-3And deep talk time.June 2013 sm_-14And Yoga time.St B168Some years we meet for COFFEE on the deck.  And talk……St B170And talk………St B169

And have more fun making fun……

June 2013 sm_-15Then we have big decisions to make about what to order for breakfast.  It is a hard choice since everything looks good.  Most of us want to eat BIG so we don’t have to eat lunch on the trail.St B172

One year we played a trick on Carolion.St B171I won’t go into it but it included talk about a vanilla bean and Carolyn went right along with it.June 2013 sm_-23Believe it or not we eventually get out with our horses again. June 2013 sm_-24Playing the friendly game and connecting with your horse before a ride is a must.June 2013 sm_-26The circling game is important too.June 2013 sm_-27Do you see the analogy in this photo?June 2013 sm_-20Sharon is ready to go!  My traveling partner this year!June 2013 sm_-30Aunt Cathy is ready too.  She keeps us smiling and LAUGHING!!!June 2013 sm_-29Carol’s horse is being KNOTTY….I mean NAAAAUGHTY as Carol would say, not wanting to take the bridle right away.June 2013 sm_-28But when he does boy is Carol happy and proud of her beautiful Arab gelding Flame.June 2013 sm_-31Chiron is wondering why his mom is not paying attention to him and hauling around that big black thing paying attention to everybody else.June 2013 sm_-22We traveled on big roads.June 2013 sm_-33And narrow trails…….the Pacific Crest Trail which Carol expertly lead us too.June 2013 sm_-34I know this looks corny but it a favorite thing for cowgirls to do………hold hands while on horses.  The bond could not be tighter.June 2013 sm_-21Chiron and Flame get to know each other.

We had a day to remember.  Bush whacking, deep talk and team work on the trail to keep each other sane and safe

…..and luckily NO riding problems.  I told you our name was no joke….I mean a joke.

June 2013 sm_-37Once we arrive back from a great day out in the forest, the lodge awaits us.  And the deck awaits us!June 2013 sm_-18And Ben awaits us!June 2013 sm_-16Did I say St Bernard Lodge was a wonderful place to visit?

Adios Amigos!!  Until next time.  RIDE ON

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  1. Hi Jo! You are SO lucky to have such a wonderful group of friends! RIDE ON. xo Trishie

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