Seven Days of Sundogs, Day 3 In the Woods

7 days-3I have a few photos from our trip to the mountains last weekend.

We ended up not at the river or the lake but in the woods.

I chose this photo to start this post to commemorate the spirit of the Golden Retriever.

They are so darn willing and happy to be happy while agreeing to please you.   And in my case, pose for me.

7 days-4

This is what they really wanted to do with the giant tree stump.

They wanted to smell it’s history and maybe count how old it is.7 days-15Of course the Sundogs don’t care if they are at the river or lake.

There is plenty of exploring to do in the woods.7 days-16

Fallen logs mean squirrels.  Yum

The more fallen logs the better.

7 days-12And the bark is so tasty.

7 days-18

Sasha being the baby of the pack at age 4 has the most fun in the woods.7 days-5Plows right through the prickly brush. 7 days-6As if it is not even there. 7 days-8Without shoes on. 7 days-9Then spits herself out in the parking lot.

My floating angel.7 days-7Yolo at age 10 goes around the bush.

Been there, done that, got stuck or hurt in the brush.

Sensability is a learned behavior.7 days-13Three foot high logs don’t stop Sasha either.

She will leap until she can leap now more.  7 days-11Rockin’ Roy  is still trucking and it is time to go back to the beloved truck.

If you saw Day 2,  “Truck Dogs” you know what I mean. 7 days-2Rockin’ Roy and the Sundogs.

Living life with the love of happy dogs.

What could be better?

 Adios Amigos!

See ya tomorrow for Day 4…….

12 thoughts on “Seven Days of Sundogs, Day 3 In the Woods

  1. Just as the Goldens love the wet element, they are almost equally happy doing a job in the woods, chasing a tiny mouse, eating bark, digging and and rolling. Well, mine is .. Thank you so much for this lovely post! ❤


  2. LIVING LIFE WITH THE LOVE OF DOGS!!!! You said it sister! Nothing more glorious than that! I have 3 and there’s another abandoned boxer, 2 yr old, that my sons and I are eyeing. But i aint got the space in my house (in the city) for a 4th dog, although i got plenty of space in my heart. Now if only i had a ranch space like your…………!


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