Seven Days of Sundogs, Day 4 Napa River 2011

7 days7The day starts out something like this.

 At least for Mama Jo and the Sundogs.Cousinsgb5The search is on.

Were did Rockin’ Roy and Big Jim go?

Their scent permeates the pier and trickles away with massive moving river.

The sun thinks about rising.7 days10The sun rises. 7 days8The river keeps moving. 7 days9The river never stops moving.

While the sun rises.

This is the waiting game. 7 days12The ramp moves with the moving river.

So keep your feet squarely planted. 7 days13Or set your butt down on the observation deck before the ramp.

There is plenty to keep you entertained around the pier.

7 days11The waiting game is over.

Yup that is Big Jim and Rockin’ Roy.

When ever Roy is with Jim he has a smile on his face.7 days18This is a different kind of waiting game. 7 days19The waiting game on the porch instead of the pier.

From Left: Maisie, Yolo, Lassen, Shasta7 days20Shasta is Yolo and Lassen’s long lost sister.  Well kinda lost.

She is otherwise know as Shasneaky.  For her sneaky ability to evade the premises.

7 days17Lassen has plopped his butt right down again.

Either he has a place that needs rubbing or he does not care were the hell he sits.

7 days14The waiting game is over.

Now the watching game starts.

The river keeps moving so the river needs watching. 7 days15Somebody has to be the wet dogs…..I mean the watch dogs. 7 days16The river has a calming effect.  The boats zoom or float by and the watch dogs don’t care.

At least these watch dogs.7 days30This watch dog would be down on her pier being a real watch dog but she had a real job this morning.

Bringing in the meat.

That’s Tess.7 days21And it all starts all over again around sunset. 7 days22The waiting game is on again.

Rockin’ Roy,  Big Jim and the real watch dog are gone again. 7 days23The sun has set.

The river keeps moving and we wait. 7 days24Finally the waiting game ends. 7 days25The boat is back, the boys are back, the “other dog” is back.  7 days26Rockin’ Roy is back and smiling.  7 days27Quickly night is upon us.7 days33The waiting game is REALLY over.  7 days28And it all starts all over again.

On another morning.

The river keeps moving.7 days29And the birds keep flying

Adios Amigo’s

Stay tuned for Day 5

8 thoughts on “Seven Days of Sundogs, Day 4 Napa River 2011

  1. … When ever Roy is with Jim he has a smile on his face …
    and whenever I see a beautiful post like this you all put big a Xl smile in my face.
    Love you wet watch dogs! ❤


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