Seven Days of Sundogs: Day 5 Puppy Fix

Puppy FixThis WAS typical afternoon play with the puppies last year about this time.

FACE PLANT is what I call this photo.

 Poor baby.  Mama does not even care,.

Puppy Fix-3

Puppy Fix-4Mama does not care because she is having too much fun playing keep away from her babies.  Nevada and Lassen are getting in on the play too.

This is about the time mama tries to wean. We have a little of that going on.

Puppy Fix-5Babies win out.  Time for a drink.

 Lassen and Nevada wait patiently.

 There is fun to be had.Puppy Fix-6Pit stop completed.  “We are ready to go play.”Puppy Fix-7“Not me. I’ll just watch what you do.”Puppy Fix-8Nevada and Lassen split and Grandma Maisie shows up.

 Grandma has the right smell….kinda.  Puppy Fix-9

You can’t hear the low growl in this photo.

 But you can tell what she is saying huh?

 “No milk.  Boobies out of business.”
Puppy Fix-10“But I like to play.”Puppy Fix-21“I may look mean but I LOVE babies”Puppy Fix-14Grandma teaches the babies how to have a soft mouth.Puppy Fix-15She teaches them how not to be afraid and to trust.Puppy Fix-13She lets them chew on her body parts.Puppy Fix-12And crowd all around her to feel safe.Puppy Fix-16While grandma teaches mama feeds.Puppy Fix-18The standing position is the most productive feeding position exposing all the boobies.Puppy Fix-22But after awhile fatigue sets in. “Get what you can while the getting is good babies!”

Adios Amigos

Stay tuned for Day 6!

19 thoughts on “Seven Days of Sundogs: Day 5 Puppy Fix

  1. LOL Jo! Loving the new photos and my own memories of Sasha’s first babies. Also, I so sweet and perfect when I read and viewed the photos of Maisie Rose with her grand pups!


  2. I’ve fallen dreadfully behind on blogging, but saved some of your posts to enjoy . . . and of course you did not disappoint. Fabulous puppy pics! Thought you’d like to know that Harper Lee finally has a little sister. We added Rhythm’s Tallulah Bee for Harper Lee (aka Tallulah) to the family several weeks ago, and we’re all totally and completely in love. Miss you, and hope all is well.


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