Goodbye Mr. Sunshine


When you love a dog you dread the day when you may have to say good-bye.

Good bye forever.

That dreaded day came this month.

Yup another Sundog goes over the rainbow bridge.

Two in one year.

I argue it ain’t fair.

But it ain’t going to bring him back.By the Pool

Even though he was my star player.

He was my Yoly Boly Roly Poly Holy Moly Man.

He was to suppose stick around and fill me with love…. after loosing Lassen.

How could he be taken so soon?


Entombed tears emerge again.  I thought I had buried them.

Enough of sadness.

A good dog deserves a fitting tribute.

Let me tell you about Yolo and hopefully pleasure you with his presence one more time.

While I hold back the tears.


Yolo was the most beautiful dog I have ever owned.  I am not afraid to say it.Retrieve 2He was the best retriever I have ever known.  The king of bringing it in.


Wet or dry.  Yolo had the art of sitting pretty down pat.


Pretty from the front or the back.Ski buddy

He had regal qualities.  Like a king or surely a prince.

He was used to me photographing him.Over logFrom the front or the back.LogHe had beautiful Golden feathers……..when they were not full of stickers.

One of the last things I did before I said goodbye was brush those feathers again.

I will never complain again about brushing any feathers I have left.

Even if they have stickers in them.The PreciousYolo was the quintessential Golden.   In looks and personality.

Like many a Golden before him he cherished “The Precious”.Precious BeachAt the beach with his precious was the recipe for happiness.Pier GroupYolo perfected the art of getting in the middle of a posed photo. Open mouthOn the land.

Storm-61In the snow.

_MG_1673At the ranch.

_MG_1370In the truck.  Across The Great Divide-33Yolo took posing very seriously, even when everybody else did not.

June 2013 sm_-8 He had the best buddy and brother anyone could ask for. _MG_8977

My only hope is they are together again.

SnowDog-35This is when times were good.

When endless vitality ruled the day.

Our Road

There will never be another like you.

For that I thank god you were mine.

Storm-54RIP Yolo

My precious.

My Holy Moly Man.

You well be missed.

Adios Amigos

























































































































34 thoughts on “Goodbye Mr. Sunshine

  1. I’m so sorry Jo. The only comfort here is that Yolo had THE perfect life with his outstanding people parents. 🙂 If a dog could dream up a perfect world, he’d dream up the life with you and Roy and all the animals at Sundog Ranch.


  2. Such a wonderful tribute to a beautiful companion . So happy that we got to see him again in May. I am sure they both are shaggin balls in heaven.


  3. May the cherished memories bring a smile to your face.
    Forget the sadness for today. His Memory lives on.
    We shall miss seeing him here on the blog.
    Linda C in Seattle.


  4. So sorry for the loss of your golden boy. He was certainly a handsome one. Being in the middle of every photo, that’s to make sure momma is always looking at him. 🙂


  5. Dear Jo, I have been thinking about you a lot lately. I hope you are doing OK. So sorry to read about Yolo. He sure was beautiful. Hope Roy is hanging in there. Maybe see you up in Cohassett during the holiday fair. Take care of your self and hug all the critters often… Love Cheree


  6. Oh Jo, so very sorry I missed this beautiful tribute post! Sending you a very belated but heartfelt {{hug}} from the bottom of my heart to yours!


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