Mountain Dogs: Ice Breaker

StormWhenever we get in the truck it is a good sign.  We are GOING SOMEWERE!Storm-3Mama Jo likes to photograph us here because we are contained and the light is controlled….well kinda.Storm-2We like the truck but we like the ground below even more. Storm-4We can hardly wait. Storm-7We can’t wait. Storm-8Even at nine years going on ten we are a set of hot wheels!  Brothers forever! Storm-6Brothers have to stick together.  The smells in this high mountain forest are intoxicating. Storm-9Our noses are on fire.  The snow cools them down. Storm-11 What could be more pleasant than plowing through fresh powder in uncharted territory?   Storm-12Today the sun is shining.  Mama Jo seems to like it.  Makes her photo’s turn out so much better she says. Storm-13Mama Jo says we look absolutely magnificent in the snow.  We have heard that people back east are sick of the snow.  Not us.  We glory in it.  But who are we to talk.  We don’t have to deal with it day after day. Storm-14Time to go again.  This is fun but hard work plowing through this powder. Storm-16Let’s follow the ski trail.  I hope we don’t screw up anybody’s ski tracks. Storm-15Thank goodness for the trail.  We’ve got some distance to cover.Storm-5What a beautiful spring day in the Sierra’s.  Of course any day is beautiful to us. Storm-19This is where the meadow usually is.  What is this?  It is not snow. Storm-17Mama Jo is calling me back.  She seems to be worried. Storm-18So I come as I am told. Storm-21We are running into some problems here. Storm-22Ker pluckity plunk.  We going down! Storm-23Find the silver lining under the slush…I mean ice.  Pure chilled H2O. Storm-20It takes agility to get out of the ice.  Just like plowing through fresh powder. Storm-24You have to go fast once you get out because the ice starts cracking all around you. Storm-25I prefer ice over chilled water. Storm-26Once I get out of this ice I’m going to find me a nice place to plop down with my prize. Storm-27You Only Live Once. Storm-28Come on mom, let’s get going. Storm-29Single file.Storm-30Pose for the photo. Storm-31Dig for what you want.   Especially in the snow. Storm-32You Only Live Once.


🙂 Adios Amigo’s 🙂

21 thoughts on “Mountain Dogs: Ice Breaker

  1. I must say Jo, looking at your pictures it’s obvious Sasha and Captain are siblings. That sideways tongue! One of these days I’ll have to take Captain to snow- he’s never seen it!


  2. They are absolutely gorgeous! I think if you had brought them to pull a sled… they would join with joy, just to have fun!
    The golden retriever are very strong and loving dogs, the photos are the proof!
    Serenity 🙂 claudine


  3. Love this! I have a British Cream Retriever who is 15 month old and it is just a blast to photograph him in the snow, water, and Colorado mountains etc. Your photos are stunning as are your gorgeous dogs!


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