Mountain Dogs: Spring Snow

Storm-32It’s been a long time coming.  Finally we made it to the mountains.  No more puppies.   Mama Jo is focusing on US only. Storm-31And it’s snowing!   Storm-28What more could a dog ask for?  Storm-29This is the face of a happy Golden Retriever.  Happiness comes easy to Yolo.  After all his name is YOLO.  Storm-27“I am not a polar bear I am a dog.” Storm-26Sasha is working at getting her figure back.  Pregnancy can wreak havoc on a girls figure.  Storm-25Yolo is working on getting a squirrel….or whatever had the nerve to move.   Jo is working on her photography skills.  Frustration is setting in.  Hope you don’t mind some blur.  I gotta share the fun. Storm-30It seems every second it is time to move on.  I struggle to get my camera settings right again.   No matter what I do my camera won’t cooperate.  The Mountain Dogs don’t care.Storm-34So I’ll keep telling you the story.  Over the hills and through the woods to the pier we go. Storm-35This is the “Come on Mom, what is taking you so long?” look. Storm-39Why I decided to take the dogs to the pier is beyond me.  I am feeling like the April fool.   I know this is not Minnesota but it is COLD out here.  Dry wet cold.Storm-37Trying to operate a camera with gloves on is like trying to operate a touch screen with wet fingers. So the gloves come off.  Then the gloves go back on once I feel frostbite setting in.    I need a glove for my camera  that is getting wet. The skies dark and dreary, the wind is whipping.  I remember I am a fool to be out here. I call back the hounds.  Storm-38Lassen is the only hound who cares about my feelings.  His willing attitude injects me with the energy I need to make it to the end of the pier. Storm-42And what do I find once I make it to the end of the pier?   Mr. HAPPY wondering if I brought THE PRECIOUS! Storm-43Does it not occur to you the weather is frigid outside Yolo?  Does this look like swimming weather Yolo?  Do you know I can barely hold this camera Yolo?  And when I operate it I have to take off my gloves?  Storm-44At this point the gloves go back on and I plead with Yolo, I mean give Yolo the come command.   Yolo come……. COME….dreading what happens if he disobeys my command.  Wet dogs forever who I can’t leave on the frozen porch to drip dry.Storm-46Maisie tests my patience too as she contemplates coming as she is being told to do.  “The snowflakes landing on my tongue feel marvelous!”   I this point I regret not spending more time on obedience training.  Storm-41 “OK Mom I’m with ya….frozen tongue and all.”   Why do my dogs tease me like this?Storm-45Sasha is relieved Yolo has some sense left in him.  She herds him back to me.Storm-47Poor guy has to settle for a wet nose. Storm-48But no.  Second chance at fun is on the top of the stairs.  It’s the “Come on Mom!” look.Storm-50Lassen takes his time climbing the stairs.  He believes in waiting for me.  He takes life in stride enjoying dog heaven.  What a sensible boy he is. Storm-55Maisie is sensible and waits too.  When thirsty lick your nose.  Storm-51Did you know these stairs have historical significance?  The Mountain Dogs could care less but I’m going to tell you anyway.Storm-52The stairs are all that remain from the renown Tahoe Taverns Resort built in the early 1900’s.  Can you imagine ladies in long skirts climbing these stairs on their way to the resort after disembarking onto the pier from the train or one of the many steamers on the lake……like the 190 ft “Tahoe”  that sits at the bottom of the lake. Storm-53I think climbing these stairs in a long skirt in summer time was easier than climbing them covered with snow on April Fools day.   Storm-54This is not a Golden ghost.  It’s a YOLO HALO. Storm-57Fun at the top of the stairs begins immediately.Storm-58Once again I struggle to get my camera to focus.  Absence of light, spastic dogs and snowflakes wreak havoc for a photographer.  I give up, enjoying the fun I resort to auto focus.Storm-60Even auto setting won’t work to get the crisp clean shots I like.  The Mountain Dogs don’t care.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll  have better luck focusing in on spasticity and wagging tails.  Storm-59And frozen fur.   Storm-23    Storm-24You could say someone is having a good time.   There is nothing like a romp in the snow to get you over postpartum depression. Storm-61Time for a group shot.  This is when STAY has a purpose.


Adios Amigos!

15 thoughts on “Mountain Dogs: Spring Snow

  1. Wow! All those shots are just amazing, and I bet once you were all thawed out and you got to have a look back at them properly you were pleased you did it, right? right?? 😉 The shot at the end with them all, I just, I’ve not idea how you managed it, but


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