Mountain Dogs: Clean Water

This is a follow up post to Tuesday’s Muddy Waters post and most likely the last “swimming dog” post for the season.  This is day two and three of the same trip to the lake 2 years ago.  On day two we visited the beach in the afternoon hence the shadows and then on day 3 we hit THE PIER in the early morning hence the shadows.   Yolo took the prize as king of the ball all weekend.  Sasha just going on 7 months old was in training doing a pretty good job keeping up with the big dogs. IMG_0253Who ever has the ball is pretty popular.Clean water4What did I tell you.Clean water5The rush is on.  Do you know how many times they will do this?  I can’t count that far.Clean water6There is Yolo in the lead, Sasha close.  I wonder what she is thinking…..I feel the retriever instinct in my bones.Clean water7Sasha looks at Mom…..”I tried but it is impossible with Yolo around”Clean water8Maisie says “He steals too, just let it go”Clean water3Here he sits guarding the ball.  A very happy boy.Ceam water2Guess who does not want to give it up?Clean water11Learning how to shake is a basic skill for a water dog.  Sasha is practicing.Clean water18On day three we hit the pier right at sunrise.  Lots of shadows from my usual shooting spot but love the back light.  Clean water13Good thing Rockin’ Roy wore shorts.Clean water14The ramp gets a kinda soaked too.

Clean water15Sasha is getting lots of shaking off experience.Clean water16And JUMPING LEAPING experience.  This is the only way to beat Yolo, Sasha quickly found out.Clean water17But something tells me that is Yolo behind Sasha with you know what.  Stealer dog.Clean water20Maisie gets her turn.  Roy was probably holding Yolo back. Clean water19Here he comes “The King”._MG_0331

Here she comes.  “The Baby”.Clean water21Triple retrieve….kind of.  By this time, after throwing 5 zillion times, Roy and I are getting hungry.  It’s time to go home and have breakfast._MG_0386Then retreat to the couch.  Do we look happy and satisfied?_MG_0394Yes.

Adios Amigos

19 thoughts on “Mountain Dogs: Clean Water

  1. Awwww…. Such great shots. The shaking off ones in that light with the water droplets?…. AMAZING!!
    Love the baby with one of your guy’s socks in her mouth. Such a true golden thing….they always have to have something in their pie hole.


    • Thanks Karen. Yes but some are “carriers” and some are not. Lassen will not and my late Kelsey would not carry no matter what….and the older they get the less they carry. Sasha still finds comfort having her mouth filled to the brim though. Socks are best, then underware of course.


  2. This must be the next thing to GR doggie heaven. I enjoyed the post and photos tremendously, thank you. What a bunch of great, goodlooking Souls.:-)
    Lots of love and pats


    • Tahoe IS doggy heaven for my retrievers. They are on a natural high when there. Normally I can walk them peacefully but when we are on our way to the beach or river, watch out…have to practice healing in a big way.


    • I know the brown dogs know all about swimming too. There is something very satisfying about getting the dogs out to work in your case or play in my case. Getting back home to rest and sleep is somehow more deserved.


  3. Jo, have you ever read Albert Payson Terhune? He wrote all the “Lad: a Dog” books, about the many generations of collies he raised. You should think about writing about your pups. The photos are so appealing, and I’m sure you have all kinds of stories about them.


    • Thanks for the suggestion Naomi. No I have not read Terhune but you can be sure I will look him up now. I can’t explain it but I do seem to fall into an easy flow when writing about the Sundogs. They are my favorite read for everyone on this blog. Having a blog that “drifts” a lot to different subjects can be distracting for readers. I have had hints from a couple bloggers who would like to see me go a little more in depth into each character or SUNDOG. On the other hand I have always wanted to write a book maybe a photo/coffee table book. Food for thought, thanks….I’m trying to get back into the flow.


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