Weekly Photo Challenge: Carefree


My carefree Chickasha Chiron  born 5/12/06 out of Leavin My Mark and Chickasha Candy

This photo was taken May, 27, 2011.  I was called by a woman who lived in the same community as me to come and do a photo shoot for her 5 year old buckskin gelding.  We took Chiron and his mother Candy to a beautiful lush pasture which needed to be eaten down.  Continue reading

Mountain Dogs: Swimming with Sasha Part 2

MDog P226

This is what happens when we take THEM to the pier.   After the long journey down the very long and historic Tahoe Taverns pier the Sundogs can’t wait to get into the water.  This is what happens.MDog P210Maisie is my leaper.  She does not drift into the water she LEAPS into it.  Off the metal stairs that lead to the swimming section off the pier.  The roped off swimming  area is reserved for humans but unless it is the heart of the summer in prime daylight hours the Sundogs TAKE OVER at the swimming section.   Leaping affords Maisie a lot of time to get in front of her brothers hence to get to the object she is after FIRST.MDog P211Once Maisie gets what she is looking for of course she is FIRST to the stairs.MDog P213Sasha at four months old and her first time at the “stairs” does not want any part of what seems like fun to the big Sundogs.  Leaping by herself into the blue-green sea of liquid ice with two  or three other giant Sundogs after her does not seem fun.MDog P223

I’m in the water!  Isn’t that enough?

MDog P212But no matter how hard she tries by putting two feet first in the water Sasha cannot bring herself to plunge in to the sea of liquid ice like her Mom does.MDog P217So she plunks down at the top of the stairs where she can watch that is going on.MDog P29Mr Lassen is also staying dry for now.  He got his feet wet but since he is not too into competition he used the opportunity while everyone else was swimming to check out the good sniffs….. on the end of the pier by the swimming section.  MDog P219He could watch the swimming scene with Rockin Roy and that was fine with him.

MDog P218 And RARE undivided attention was to be had.MDog P220While Maisie and Yolo had to get the ball FIRST from the stairs.  MDog P215Sasha stayed far away from the bottom step when Yolo was there.MDog P214

And got away quickly when Mom was plunging.MDog P222Lassen finally gets in on the action and so now we have three big wet Sundogs crowding the stairs.MDog P221When they shake Rockin Roy tries to get away from the shake but not Sasha.MDog P216Sasha has to play the “I BITE YOUR LEG” game while they aren’t even finished shaking off yet.MDog P22It is time to dry off on the pier now.  No more fun “on the stairs”.MDog P26Sasha seems a little more at ease now with Mom and Yolo at her side NOT on dry land but at least on the pier.  They can all survey the lake and bird situation from here and stop the silly plunging into liquid ice even if there is that retrieving thing going on.MDog P27Rockin Roy calls and in no time the Sundogs sprint to the call.  It must be time to go home, finish drying off and hit the couches.MDog P23Leashing up for the walk down the pier away from the swimming section is OK since we got a bit tired out.  MDog P24Even if we don’t want to admit it.

Adios Amigo’s…until next time.

Mountain Dogs: Swimming with Sasha: Part 1

Mountain Dogs: Swimming with Sasha: Part 1

Now that I have started  a blog when going through old photo files I come across photo’s and pasts events I  HAVE to share.  This post has lots of photo’s so I better keep my words to a minimum and … Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge : Color


GOLD, a complimentary color.  Well not really.  According to the color wheel blue and orange are complimentary colors, along with purple/yellow,  green/red. 

But GOLD is a color that looks good next to just about any other color.  In my mind GOLD looks best next to blue (kinda like blue and orange)   And in my GOLDEN world blue seems to always share the scene with the color white.  I know, white is not really a color but for the purposes of this “assignment” I will treat it like a color.


This is my all time favorite and award winning photo titled “Water Dog”   Miss Maisie Rose is one of my five GOLDEN’S who looks good in blue and white.  No she is not a yellow lab.  She is a GOLDEN retriever.


Here is a photo I took a zillion years ago of my original five.  This pier and the water that surrounds it is our GOLDEN’S favorite place in the world.


Sasha’s White Magic on the same pier a zillion years later.  She was not part of the original five but we love her all the same.  She  looks pretty good in blue and white don’t you think?


I’m on a roll here with pier photo’s.  Cool grey with the GOLD and powdery blue and white make this shot one of my favorites.


Lassen and Yolo, my two GOLDEN boys, looking angelic in white with a smidgen of baby blue.


A brand new GOLDEN looking good against blue.


Another baby GOLDEN looking cute next to blue.   He is plotting his next move.


Green is part blue.  Green is probably my next favorite color next to GOLD.  Here is Yolo after one of his many trips to the vet.  See the fashionable aqua green vet wrap on his right leg.  That was where he had IV fluid infused. This dog has survived just about everything (knock on wood).  Three rattlesnake bites over the years and this time we think salmon or trout poisoning.  Yolo helps keep the local vets around here in business.


This was our Christmas photo one year minus the photo shopped red bows over their pretty little heads.  GOLDEN’S always look good in green vehicles.


Aqua Green!  The freezing cold water my GOLDEN has no problem jumping into.


The power of the purple monkey.  Purple is part blue too.  Purple looks super special next to GOLD.


Purple, yellow and GOLD.  Life does not get much better than this.


Purple and GOLD treasure basket.  Life is good.


Purple looks good with red but only if buffered with GOLD.


Red and GOLD….or you could call this red and white.  Our team colors.


Red and white Santa only comes out one month out of the year.  Even though he is red and white, in the mouth of a GOLDEN he is GOLD.


GOLDEN’S look good next to neutral colors too since they are shades of GOLD and cream.   This rusty brown rock blends perfectly next to our creamy girl with the coal black eyes.


Kelsey and Madison my first two GOLDEN’S form a heart.   GOLD hearts contrasted against the brown concrete floor.  RIP  girls.  You are still pieces of my heart.


GOLDEN’S even look good next to GOLD.  These babies are pieces of my heart too.


Eyes wide shut in the GOLDEN season._MG_0380

GOLDEN tails in the GOLDEN season._MG_0443And last of all……...GOLDEN’S look good against multicolored patterns too.  Especially on the couch.

Adios Amigo’s!

ONE MORE THING!  A note to my loyal followers.  I am now following “The Daily Post”  The Daily Post is a blog that helps you be a better blogger and presents a “Weekly Photo Challenge”.   A kind of photography assignment if you will.  This is my first “Weekly Photo Challenge”  Hope you enjoyed.