Mountain Dogs: Swimming with Sasha: Part 1

MDog P1 42

Now that I have started  a blog when going through old photo files I come across photo’s and pasts events I  HAVE to share.  This post has lots of photo’s so I better keep my words to a minimum and let the photographs do the work.

In Tahoe our Golden’s become REAL mountain dogs.  They are in heaven at Tahoe and the Truckee River.  Here are some highlights of Sasha’s first trip to Tahoe in June 2011 when she was about 4 months old.  She had swim a bit in the pool at home but NEVER in real water.   So we started in the shallow waters on the beach at Tahoe Tavern, North Shore.  It was a dark cloudy cool day but that makes no difference to the dogs.  Water is water.  BALL STICK WATER GO.MDog P1 2They are off.  Not sure if they are after a stick or a dirty tennis ball.  Yolo in the lead of course with Maisie and Sasha following.  Sasha has no idea what she is doing she just follows Mom and Uncle Yolo.  Instinct I quess.MDog P1 3On the way back Sasha already knows how to play defense.  Against her own mother!MDog P1 1This being Sasha’s first time in the competition……she falls back a bit short in the running.MDog P1 4A proper shake off is in order.MDog P1 7Ears are the most important part to shake the water out of.MDog P1 14After the beach we venture out to the pier for a look.  Mama Jo says no swimming from the pier for Sasha until she gets a little more experience.MDog P1 13Maisie’s coat has all but fallen out after having a litter four months ago.  As you can see the cold air on her wet coat does not dampen her spirits a bit. MDog P1 14Sasha looks around not knowing what in the world is out there.  Miss Maisie Rose on the other hand is eyeing some kind of unsuspecting bird about to land on the water.MDog P1 8

This was just a quick introductory visit to the pier.  It is time to move on towards the Truckee River.   Mr Lassen and Maisie in the lead.  Yolo hangs back with the baby.MDog P1 9I’m AM fast mom WATCH me.MDog P1 10Oops I got ahead of everybody.  I’ll rest and wait.MDog P1 61Once at the Truckee River Sasha combs the shore.MDog P1 54 Sneaky little one, readies herself to pounce when it is time.MDog P1 38It is time to pounce on Mom.MDog P1 24Sasha thinks twice about trying to pounce on Yolo.  Smart girl.MDog P1 25Meanwhile within seconds Maisie is gone and on the hunt after this handsome pair swimming upstream.  Good luck.  MDog P1 15Just as I though Maisie is back in a flash, no bird in mouth.MDog P1 21Sasha HAS to see if Mom got anything on the hunt

MDog P1 52Nope, oh well I’ll just comb the shores some more.

MDog P1 23Back to sitting, hunting and pouncing at the river side.MDog P1 16 Sasha gets her nerve up and decides to wade in all the way.  She is a little baffled as to why swimming is a little tricky in this big river. MDog P1 17But in no time she is after the big dogs even in the strong current.   Sasha’s getting the hang of this sport called retrieving.MDog P1 18Sasha makes it back to shore thank goodness and sticks with Mom.MDog P1 36Lassen makes it back too with part of a stick.  I wonder who got the other end of the stick?MDog P1 60At this point Lassen not being the most competitive guy takes a breather next to the soaking leash pile.MDog P1 26Maisie on the other hand can’t get enough and goes back into the frigid waters.  She is determined to get the stick from Yolo.MDog P1 31Yolo graciously allows Maisie to share the stick.  A Golden tradition.MDog P1 48Until the whirlpool effect comes into play.  Will Maisie make it?MDog P1 45I don’t know.MDog P1 46Oh dear.MDog P1 47

As I mentioned before, Maisie is determined to get the stick.  I think this is about when she decided to dunk and turn forwards.  She may have had to let go of the stick for one millisecond.MDog P1 57That a girl….and boy.MDog P1 42Sasha quietly sinks back in for a swim and poses for the camera.MDog P1 44Puppy got wet.MDog P1 43And wetter.

Adios Amigo’s

Stay tuned for Part 2 of Sasha’s First Trip to Tahoe.  Introduction to swimming from the pier.  The BIG pier.

12 thoughts on “Mountain Dogs: Swimming with Sasha: Part 1

  1. Hi Jo, you have had some great blogs, loved the cowgirl get away weekend.

    I love these pictures and am actually in Tahoe for the week right now. Maggie is having a great time, as always but seems lonely with only her and I and sure miss Chloe. How do you get all those dogs in your car?? How fun!

    I am sorry I did not reply about the calendar. Really busy right now, my son is getting married in Tahoe this July so up here making arrangements.

    Hope all the puppies are doing well including one eye.

    Melodie and Maggie

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  2. Good to hear from you. Wish I was up there. We have upgraded to a truck now with a covered bed. We used to squish into my RAV4 believe it or not. No problem about the calendar. Just let me know when you have time. Hugs to Maggie.


  3. I loved these photos, especially Sasha waiting for the big dogs on the pier. So sweet. Can you believe that I am four years old and I have never been for a swim? What is wrong with my humans? Can I be a Sundog?


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