Weekly Photo Challenge : Color


GOLD, a complimentary color.  Well not really.  According to the color wheel blue and orange are complimentary colors, along with purple/yellow,  green/red. 

But GOLD is a color that looks good next to just about any other color.  In my mind GOLD looks best next to blue (kinda like blue and orange)   And in my GOLDEN world blue seems to always share the scene with the color white.  I know, white is not really a color but for the purposes of this “assignment” I will treat it like a color.


This is my all time favorite and award winning photo titled “Water Dog”   Miss Maisie Rose is one of my five GOLDEN’S who looks good in blue and white.  No she is not a yellow lab.  She is a GOLDEN retriever.


Here is a photo I took a zillion years ago of my original five.  This pier and the water that surrounds it is our GOLDEN’S favorite place in the world.


Sasha’s White Magic on the same pier a zillion years later.  She was not part of the original five but we love her all the same.  She  looks pretty good in blue and white don’t you think?


I’m on a roll here with pier photo’s.  Cool grey with the GOLD and powdery blue and white make this shot one of my favorites.


Lassen and Yolo, my two GOLDEN boys, looking angelic in white with a smidgen of baby blue.


A brand new GOLDEN looking good against blue.


Another baby GOLDEN looking cute next to blue.   He is plotting his next move.


Green is part blue.  Green is probably my next favorite color next to GOLD.  Here is Yolo after one of his many trips to the vet.  See the fashionable aqua green vet wrap on his right leg.  That was where he had IV fluid infused. This dog has survived just about everything (knock on wood).  Three rattlesnake bites over the years and this time we think salmon or trout poisoning.  Yolo helps keep the local vets around here in business.


This was our Christmas photo one year minus the photo shopped red bows over their pretty little heads.  GOLDEN’S always look good in green vehicles.


Aqua Green!  The freezing cold water my GOLDEN has no problem jumping into.


The power of the purple monkey.  Purple is part blue too.  Purple looks super special next to GOLD.


Purple, yellow and GOLD.  Life does not get much better than this.


Purple and GOLD treasure basket.  Life is good.


Purple looks good with red but only if buffered with GOLD.


Red and GOLD….or you could call this red and white.  Our team colors.


Red and white Santa only comes out one month out of the year.  Even though he is red and white, in the mouth of a GOLDEN he is GOLD.


GOLDEN’S look good next to neutral colors too since they are shades of GOLD and cream.   This rusty brown rock blends perfectly next to our creamy girl with the coal black eyes.


Kelsey and Madison my first two GOLDEN’S form a heart.   GOLD hearts contrasted against the brown concrete floor.  RIP  girls.  You are still pieces of my heart.


GOLDEN’S even look good next to GOLD.  These babies are pieces of my heart too.


Eyes wide shut in the GOLDEN season._MG_0380

GOLDEN tails in the GOLDEN season._MG_0443And last of all……...GOLDEN’S look good against multicolored patterns too.  Especially on the couch.

Adios Amigo’s!

ONE MORE THING!  A note to my loyal followers.  I am now following “The Daily Post”  The Daily Post is a blog that helps you be a better blogger and presents a “Weekly Photo Challenge”.   A kind of photography assignment if you will.  This is my first “Weekly Photo Challenge”  Hope you enjoyed.

13 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge : Color

  1. This was just beautiful!! I so see my Maggie’s face and My sweet, God Bless her, Chloe! In my opinion, you are a winner of this photo contest! I would love a calendar of these pictures! can you make one and I will buy from you 🙂

    Also, you will. Ot believe this but I do drink very little but my choice of a drink is…. A dirty Martini Bombay Sapphire only! I could not believe when you said that as well!! Not a common drink as Gin is not really popular now. It is usually Vodka and Have to “call” the drink for the server when ordering


    Melodie & Maggie

    Sent from iPad


    • Thanks Melodie and YES I can make you a calendar. I’ll email you.
      Actually I am surprised how many servers know what “dirty” in a martini is. The type of gin needs to clarified more often. It is a stiff drink though and only reserved for special times. Cheers to you too 🙂


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