Back in the Saddle

ImageFrancis says I’ve been off this blog for 3 weeks now and it is time to get back in the saddle.  My excuse? I was side tracked by a REALLY fun girls weekend on the California coast.  Not just a girls trip but a cowgirl trip.  You cannot get much funner.  It justifiable put me off track. 14 girls in total, staying in “The Bunkhouse” at Chanslor Ranch, Bodega Bay, Ca.ImageWe rode on the ocean. ImageMe and GQ.  What a perfect partner he was on the trip. He acted as his name implies.ImageGalloping in the sand and photographing at the same time has it’s challenges.  But GQ was steady Freddy.ImageGQ ended up being a loner in his vacation pasture even though there were 6 other horses to keep him company.  Poor boy, all the others paired up so GQ decided to hang by the barn and the other rental horses at the ranch.  He fell in love with a gray one eyed pony on the other side of the fence but it got taken away from him when a new rescue horse arrived and bonded with it with in a few hours.ImageThis is Marisa after catching Leo and Highlander. They were being naughty and ran away to the OTHER end of the pasture when called.  Marisa was determined to go for a ride even on a very windy afternoon.  Leo and Highlander have been paired up for almost their whole lives so GQ did not stand a chance to be friends with them.  ImageHere is Kelly the black and white paint in the lead and Easter following.  They too were brats and ran away from their human instead of coming when called.Image Jodi finally catches Easter and takes her from her Kelly and the rest of  the herd.   Jodi was crazy enough to go for that windy afternoon ride.  ImageKelly the Paint grazes in the grassy shadows acting like she does not care if Easter, her other half, leaves.  There is Danika the black mare and Smokey the grey gelding to hang with. ImageUnfortunately for Kelly,  Danika and Smokey quickly blow her off and take off together for their own little patch of paradise.Image So Kelly bolts to the gate to see were Easter went and quickly realizes her only one to pair up with now is GQ.  GQ was in luck!  Finally he got his break. ImageHere he is following behind Kelly like a big puppy dog.  Eyes and ears all bugging out like he does when he is excited.Image  Jill (Danika’s human) kicks back while the crazies get saddled up.Image

Caution HOT HORSES.ImageI’m ready when you are.ImageOnce the crazies are gone….GQ and Kelly get right down to business. Unfortunately it did not last long.Image  As soon as Easter returned Kelly and Easter were glued together again.

ImageGQ came to terms with being alone again.  He being a aloof horse to begin with handles rejection well.  As you can see by this photo we are both feeling happy.  This is the meaning of “Life is Good”ImagePartying at the barn started before the sun went down after riding of course.Image


Starting to feel confident!

ImageThe trail boss insisted on butting in with the girls and showing us some of his fancy dance steps.  I had to document, no dancing for me.ImageLater on when the sun went down is when we really got started.ImageAnd more than started.ImageAnd more than started.

ImageAnd ended.Image
We know how to ride but we also know how to tour and see the sights.  There were oysters to die for.ImageImageAnd fine wine to taste.ImageThank you Joseph Phelps.  Black, red and white.  Bodega Bay Baby T-shirts 🙂ImageAnd what trip to Bodega Bay would be complete without a trip to the infamous “Bodega Bay School”  “The Birds” were gone but we did met up with another character.ImageImageAnd we had characters in our group.


And of course let’s not forget shopping at “The Tides”  for souvenirs and smoked salmon.


Just hanging out at the bunkhouse was fun.ImageBy the end of the trip the horses were feeling the pain too.  But Leo takes it all in stride here.  He has the really cool CLEAN blanket.Image

Is it time to go home yet?

ImageUntil next year…….BYE BYE BODEGA BAY BABY!!!

6 thoughts on “Back in the Saddle

  1. You all sure know how to have a good time! I loved this post–laughed aloud! And those are gorgeous shots, like the one with the two pintos standing next to each other. Really outstanding!


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