Mountain Dogs: “The Precious”


This is actually “Part Two” of Mountain Dogs: At It Again   But I had to name this post  “The Precious”.   Because anybody that has a retriever or any dog that likes to retrieve you know what I mean.

When we go to Tahoe the Sundogs become “Mountain Dogs”   Close by the condo cabin we have the Truckee River or “The Lake”  We did not take “The Precious” to the river because it may end up downstream if somebody does not do their job to recover it.  And we don’t want to litter the river beds with “The Precious”

So today we take “The Precious” to the lake._MG_0251But first we started out by having Rockin’ Roy get the dogs focused on “The Precious” on the lawn.   Notice who are the best students.  Lassen the noncompetitive one has other things to investigate._MG_0239Sasha’s focus is unbeatable._MG_0206At two years old she’s in her prime.  Sorry Yolo.

_MG_0318After the warm up it’s time to head down to the pier.  As you can see someone got a little too warmed up and is already cooling off at the shore.   Normally at the condo cabin we have to have the mountain dogs leashed up in the common areas and the pier.  But since it is off season and no one is around the COAST IS CLEAR!_MG_0324We HAVE to make sure we bring plenty of bags (for you know what) and the leashes out on the big long pier.  Because sometimes guests come walking out and want more peace and solitude than the Mountain Dogs are willing to offer. _MG_0340 Human rules don’t apply to the Mountain Dogs._MG_0360Even though Sasha’s in top form these days Yolo will not give up on owning the “The Precious”.    Lassen on the other hand has other things to investigate._MG_0373You see,  Yolo is addicted to “The Precious”.   His addiction gets a little annoying at times and we have to put “The Precious away”.  Right now Roy is trying to teach Yolo a little patience._MG_0368Yolo tries to maintain his cool._MG_0376“Will you PLEASE throw that thing for me!”_MG_0380“Finally he is lifting his arm a little”._MG_0400“I thought it would never happen.   And look….. all five Mountain Dogs are competing with me now.  Darn”_MG_0401Their off!_MG_0389Miss perfect beats Yolo again by two body lengths at least. _MG_0427Watch out for Sasha.  MONSTER MOUTH._MG_0429ESCAPE ROUTE PLEASE!!_MG_0395Amazingly Sasha makes it back to Rocking Roy with “The Precious”.    _MG_0521Did you ever wonder if “The Precious”  ever goes over the edge?  Well it does.  As you can see Yolo still has his eye on “The Precious” but I have to be truthful and admit, it took quite sometime for him to put two and two together and figure out how to get to it._MG_0080 (1)He finally figured to go over to and then down the stairs that lead into the human swimming section which is where “The Precious” fell.   He looked and looked at the water and at me.  “Where is The Precious?”_MG_0507Sasha was looking for “The Precious” too._MG_0546Finally they both were on track and getting near “The Precious”._MG_0550When suddenly Sasha gave up and turned back.  I think she just wanted to give her big brother a chance.  But in reality Yolo is “still the man” He kept his eye on the ball (I mean “The Precious”) and did not give up for anything.  I guess his “Precious” addiction is good thing…….sometimes._MG_0565Sasha not being quite as addicted the “The Precious”  said “I gotta get back to dry land”._MG_0484 While Lassen is off investigating again.  Not giving a hoot about “The Precious”

Until next post.

Adios Amigo’s!

Out of the Archives: Bedtime

_MG_0670What is better than an afternoon snooze on mom and dad’s bed?   That’s why I could not help but pull some of these “bedtime” photo’s out of the archives.  It is a joy to find this many Sundogs snoozing on our bed together.    I turned one into black and white which I love but Golden’s and the color purple ROCK.    Enjoy!_MG_0522On a gloomy afternoon in March while I was cleaning out my bedroom closet Sasha got things started and out came my camera.  Being the baby of the family she needed and still needs lots of naps along with her cherished purple monkey.  Although the purple monkey was so cherished it recently went to stuffed animal heaven._MG_0562 Miss Maisie Rose being the ham she is had to get in on the action and somehow the purple monkey lies on the floor.  _MG_0574“Oh well, there is always something else to hold in your mouth to pose for the camera.  Why here’s a sock!”_MG_0575“Oops!  I was so  enamored by the camera I dropped the sock.   Now Rockin Roy’s sock lies on top of the purple monkey.  I can surely fit BOTH of them in my mouth”_MG_0582“I’m a little embarrassed now.  I’m going to slink away to the floor for my treasures”_MG_0596Meanwhile Miss Maisie Rose, my English Cream beauty, basks in the glory of being alone.  She gazes out the window in wonder.  “Will this gloomy day ever turn to sunshine?”  _MG_0626After putting the camera down and going back to cleaning out my closet I come back to the bed with a different scene.   Yolo takes center stage (OF COURSE) while Lassen and Maisie watch Sasha ruin Rockin Roy’s sock._MG_0616By now Rockin Roy’s sock is clearly destroyed.   Yolo, Maisie and Lassen watch with approval.  “We taught her well.”_MG_0662Sasha is done with destroying so she slinks back up on the bed to snooze with the gang.  Like good dogs they all turn around to face me and my camera.   Photographers dogs usually get good at posing.  _MG_0668“We need our beauty rest.”_MG_0675OK you guys.   “Good night, sleep tight and don’t let the bedbugs bite”.

Adios Amigo’s!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Patterns

Rancho2013_ copyThis weeks Photo challenge is PATTERNS.  Can you see this amazingly natural MOVING pattern?  They are mother and daughter Friesians running freely at Book Family Farm in Durham, Ca.  The photo was taken at my photography workshop last month.   They are at the farm being trained to drive by Nattie Book.   Enjoy!