Bringing Home the Bacon: Alaskan Style

This summer I’ve had the pleasure of taking a few vacations.  They have all been sort of working vacations and I’ll tell you what I mean starting with ALASKA!!  Working in Wyoming will come later.AK-53This was not a spearfishing trip…….AK-54Rockin’ Roy reeled me into going on his fishing trip… in Sitka, Alaska!   Now who would NOT want to go to Alaska even if it was JUST on a fishing trip?    I said OK I’ll go along but I’ll stay put on land with my camera and sight see around the beautiful island while you bring home the bacon.

AK-52Orders were to be at the dock by 5:45 AM.   There’s Rockin’ Roy following orders.  That is one happy man.

AK-55Then comes along very busy captain holding bait in one hand, lunch for the crew in the other hand and an important document stuck on his lip.  This is Luke of Reel Class Charters and let me tell you he is the MAN.  He is helping everybody on board AND himself bring home the bacon.  He works everyday nonstop without a day off from mid May till mid September.  That is why he sticks sticky documents on his lip.  His hands are full with other things, ropes, gaffs, rods, lines, hooks, bait and of course the steering wheel of his boat called the DRIFTER!  I like that name.

AK-56He always has a smile on his face.  Especially when I tell him to take good care of my Rockin’ Roy way out there in the sea where ever they are going.

AK-57There they go.  Two VERY happy men on their way to bring home the bacon.

AK-4I took a walk to the Totem Park with the other wives.  It was pretty cool but some how I felt I was missing out on something.

AK-9The skies were clearing and the scenery was breathtaking.  Sunny in Sitka.  You can’t ask for much more glory than that.  I’d told myself I’d have plenty of fun just roaming around the island with my camera.  But somehow I felt a void.  I had a sneaking suspicion Captain Luke, Rockin’ Roy and his friends were having a little too much fun out there on the water with out me.

AK-5I knew it.  Here comes Rockin’ Roy thinking he’s pretty cool out there looking like a REEL fisherman.

AK-7He was pretty proud of all the fish they caught.  “I’m bringing home the bacon honey!  Halibut, salmon or rock fish?”

AK-14After seeing all this bacon I was feeling a bit left out.

AK-13Surely I could bring home some bacon too.

AK-16I would not mind getting up at 4 AM and arriving at the dock by 5:45 AM……especially since it was another sunny day in Sitka.

AK-17So the next day Captain Luke, Rocking Roy, the rest of the crew and ME headed out for some where south of Sitka.  I did not care where we were going.  I was on the boat sipping hot coffee, breathing in the salty sea with the wind blowing in my hair.   I was going to bring home some bacon.  The fact that I have not fished in 30 years was not a problem.

AK-22The ride out to wherever we were going south of Sitka was almost as fun as the fishing.

AK-19Everywhere you looked there was something interesting to see.

AK-24The sun would come and go.  Here comes the sun.

AK-25Islands pop out of nowhere.  There goes the sun out comes the fog.

AK-27Captain Luke knew right where to go.AK-23Speeding through narrow channels was not a problem either.  Sun shining on one side of the boat.

AK-49Foggy on the other side of the boat.

AK-28Finally we arrived at THE SPOT!

AK-18Bring out the bait FAST.

AK-29Before we knew it the fish were….


AK-33Rocking Roy was working hard to bring home the bacon.

AK-34Watch out for Captain Luke and his gaff.   He’s on the go gaffing and hooking bait for all the crew.

AK-35A beautiful sight.  By now I’m happy I came out to sea.  Thank god for Dramamine.

AK-37Now I am REALLY happy.  No that is not Captain Luke’s King salmon.  That is MY King Salmon caught on my second cast.  It was so heavy I could not hold up the fat part.

AK-36Needless to say we brought home a lot of bacon that day, Silver and King,  Thanks to Captain Luke.  Does that man ROCK?

AK-42Rocking home with a boat full of fish.

AKNeedless to say I’m hooked.

Adios Amigo’s 🙂

12 thoughts on “Bringing Home the Bacon: Alaskan Style

  1. Very cool Jo – great photos. What a blast! xo Trishie

    >________________________________ > From: The Sundog Drift >To: >Sent: Friday, August 30, 2013 9:26 AM >Subject: [New post] Bringing Home the Bacon: Alaskan Style > > > > >Jo Danehy @ The Sundog Drift posted: “This summer I’ve had the pleasure of taking a few vacations. They have all been sort of working vacations and I’ll tell you what I mean starting with ALASKA!! Working in Wyoming will come later.This was not a spearfishing trip. Rockin’ Roy reeled me in” >


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