Merry Sundog

Unfortunately even at Christmas time the cone comes out.Christ1433Sasha is the lucky one.  Sasha has learned to adjust to the cone.  Some how on a deep level she knows she needs it.  When it accidentally comes off (because we don’t keep it too tight) she sits quietly to have it put back on.  Christ1421Maybe it is the beauty and calm around this holiday at Sundog that helps her through it…..having to ignore that itcy sore that is bothering you is not easy.Christ1425Occasionally the urge to rip something up overcomes her.Christ1426And she gives us that PATHETIC face.  Christ1422Decorations are everywhere but the Sundogs don’t really care.Christ1430Unless they can eat them.  Christ1440This simple entry way welcome could easily be torn apart. In fact it was saved from being torn apart at one time.Christ1441Speaking of entry ways…this is how you will be greeted at Sundog.  At LEAST one Sundog at the door.  Wagging of course. Happiness is all around this time of year.  That is if the pipes are not frozen.Christ1439Even the dog decorations are happy.  It is time to celebrate!
Christ1423Friends bring spirits to celebrate to make the humans happy.Christ1431The Sundogs don’t need spirits to keep happy or even relax during the holidays.  Relaxing comes naturally to them…..even with the cone. Christ1420The Sundogs are very perceptive but the meaning of Christmas is beyond them.Christ143But they also know that this is NOT a tear um’ up decoration.  Besides being ceramic and not fun to chew they are holy.  God help them if they destroyed them.Christ1427YES WE KNOW!!!Christ140

The Sundogs also know not to disturb the dining room table.  Even though I think they may like that butternut squash soup.  Christ1438The one thing the Sundogs know is safe to try and destroy besides wrapping paper is the SANTA TOY.  Santa Toy only comes out for Christmas time.  And despite numerous attempts at destruction by Sundogs, even Sundogs who are no longer with us, Santa Toy still lives.Christ1435Running Horse lives too.  Guided by the light. Christ1434The lights of the season bring a warm glow to the house….and on the couch.Christ1437But who needs the couch when you have a cone?  Cone is OK….especially at Christmas.

Merry Christmas and/or Happy Holidays everyone! 🙂

Adios Amigos

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