Mountain Dogs: Splendor in the Grass

Yesterday we decided to veer from the holiday crowds near the water and head for the hills……..I mean mountains.Labor 17From the mouths of Sundogs………”We love our truck.  Good things happen when we get to go to in the truck…….especially when we are in the mountains”Labor 197Once we get on the right trail (a REALLY isolated one) the leashes come off.   In the national forest dogs get to run amuk…….kind of.     YEAH!!    Labor 23Immediate happiness.   All though it does not take much to make a Golden happy I must admit.Labor 25One rule we do have on the trail is everybody must be under voice control…….even when you are in hot pursuit of a ground squirrel or have found a really fascinating pile of bear poop.Labor 201Because this is the trail we must all stay on.Labor 37Along this nice, FLAT trail we decide to take a rest and take in the scenery.   And on this nice, FLAT trail is a lovely meadow made perfectly for retrieving.   The Sundogs love to play retriever in the grass.  It is the second best thing to retrieving in the water.  Labor 98Tails and ears up.  Romping in the grass.  Life is good.Labor 87“We even find free sticks in the grass.Labor 213And downed fences I can actually jump over”  says Sasha. Labor 63There are lots of things to investigate in the tall grass.Labor 81I like the fact the Sundogs Golden locks stay dry for a while.  How about Yolo’s locks?  This is why I do not cut my Golden’s short even in the summer.  Especially on their butts.Labor 82And their manes.Labor 56And their sides.Labor 102And their faces.Labor 72Mr Lassen loves the grass because it is a great place for a quick snooze.Labor 28Because before we know it we are back on the trail again.   The Sundogs don’t care much were they are going.  Labor 195 They relish the journey as much as the destination.Labor 175Since we had walked and ran for at least a couple of miles we decided to make this bridge our destination.   It was not exactly a spectacular destination but our legs were tired and the Sundogs thought it was a FINE place.Labor 155Because below the bridge was just what the Sundogs ordered.Labor 159Yup.  You guessed itLabor 171It did not take long for them to try and cover every inch of their bodies with it.Labor 176So much for their nice dry golden coats. Labor 187The walk and run home was long but was just the exercise everybody needed.   You know how it is on vacation.  Eating and drinking take on a new dimension.Labor 137The dreaded leashes come out once we hit civilization.Labor 233No more…….splendor in the grass.

Stay tuned for more MOUNTAIN DOGS on vacation this week.

Adios Amigo’s 🙂

14 thoughts on “Mountain Dogs: Splendor in the Grass

  1. I loved these pictures, and those tongues in that last shot are a sure sign that everyone had a very good time! Humans need to take a lesson from the Sundogs and learn to relish the journey as much as the destination. 😉


  2. Jo, I want you to know I will die before letting my mother do that horrible thing to shasta ever again. She looked like a poodle that had it’s curls straightened.


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