Out of the Archives: Dose of Cute

After 9/11 I thought you would need a dose of cute to wipe out bad thoughts.  I’ve got just the right dose to blast you into oblivion.   Not much story here….just the facts.

These photo’s of are our 2011 litter.  I can recite some of their puppy and adult names but don’t hold me to that.  They were changed many times.   I do know these are some cute puppies. Cute10In the puppy palace we have cement blocks for lounging.Cute8They are very comfortable and we fit just right on them….for now.Cute9We pose in front of them too.Cute11We have soft bedding to cuddle in together.Cute7Sometimes we escape the puppy palace to the play yard outside.  Not all of us know how to get out….or in.Cute6Those of us that do know how to get out have a pretty fun time.Cute22Once we all get into the play yard we have a GREAT TIME.  There are many games to play.Cute23After we shred the toys we shred the fence.Cute21And of course their is retrieving to do.DSC_0022Then it is FEEDING TIME!!Cute15It does not take us long to get down to business.Cute19Circle round, we all need to get together.Cute17There are hungry mouths to feed.  Get every little drop.Cute18Keep it together.Cute16Dig deep to get it all.DSC_0340Until everyone has enough.Cute14After lunch we sit back and wonder.Cute20How full our tummies are.  Do we know how cute we are?DSC_0253

We start to get relaxed.DSC_0257

And rely on our brothers and sisters for a chin up.DSC_0215While everyone is falling asleep,  some try to stay up.Cute5Heads start falling to the ground.Cute3

But that is OK, sleep is good.Cute4Oops, one head still up.  Not ready for sleep.DSC_0308

This one is ready for sleep.  Almost out for the count.Cute12Very sleepy.Cute13Gone for the count.

Adios Amigos 🙂

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