Mountain Dogs: Same Time Last Year


MM FComing soon I will have fall photo’s of Sundog Ranch but the colors have not quite peaked yet so I thought I’d first share some photo’s of Sasha and Maisie on one of my little work vacations to “The Lake” last November.  I LOVE this time of year at the lake.  Some of the fall colors are still hanging around but the icy cold weather starts to make a presence which makes for that heavenly mountain smell.  Pulling out my Irish wool never felt so good.  Maisie and Sasha did not mind the cold one bit.  Sasha is seen here in one of her favorite places on the deck.MM F-2The closer she can get to the top of the tree the better since that is where to coveted ground squirrels hang out.  I am convinced the squirrels torture my dogs on purpose making their little squirrel sounds while  they are up there.MM F-3Enough of the tortuous squirrels!  So off we go for our afternoon jaunt to the pier.  Along the way Sasha and Maisie find a patch of snow.  Sasha starts to do the Rabbit run or the “Zoomies” as noted in the blog   We Live in a Flat

Why is it when dogs find a patch of snow they suddenly go berserk?

MM F-7Once we hit the pier the coast is clear.  The beauty of this time of year is no one is on the pier.  Leashes not needed.  I can let the dogs run berserk.  As long as I have plastic bags for you know what.  The pier has laxative effects. MM F-23You see I am not the only one who knows this.  Sasha has to check out that leaf which looks like it could be something else.MM F-8Have you ever been on a pier this wide?  It makes for great photographs.  I did not ask Sasha to pose for this photo.MM F-15Nor did I ask Maisie to pose for this photo.  Being out in the cool air in the mountains makes the Sundogs love life.  Being in Tahoe make me love life too.  It is one of my favorite places in the world.  I think the large body of water makes me feel good.  Especially when it is starting to get cold.MM F-14There are lots of things for Sasha and Maisie to look at in the water.  Even though seemingly nothing is going on to me. MM F-19

Puddles need to be investigated.MM F-18And things floating down below need investigating.  I looked over the edge and saw nothing.MM F-11

But there was something there.  No kidding.MM F-17“Oh boy something is going on at the other end of the pier.  We better check it out mom.”MM F-9 “I’m looking but I don’t see anything….or smell anything.”MM F-10I know all dogs have a good sense of smell but Maisie has an extrordinary sense of smell and sight.  I know she would find something if it was there.  How about that Golden coat on the aqua blue water?  I like shorter coats.  When you have five dogs the grooming goes quicker.MM F-6It ‘s time to go back home but who’s complaining?  Leaves are falling, snow on the ground, what more could a dog want?MM F-21A chase is what a dog would want.  Mom in front baby behind.MM F-22Life is good.

Adios Amigos

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