Sundown at Sundog

MM F-16I’m going to concentrate on Sundog Ranch this week because everything is lovely now and before we know it it will be cold and miserable.  For those of you that don’t know Sundog is the culmination of many years of hard work and vision between Rockin’ Roy and I ……..and the hard work is not over yet.   The one time we stop working and take notice of what we have built is at sunset.  For a few minutes or maybe 30 minutes and especially after sunset we relax and take it all in.  Last night I picked up the camera after coming up from the barn.   The pool was a nice place to start shooting…..MM F-12

I have not watered or fertilized in over a month.  I love September and October.  Just a little bit of rain takes us through the rest of the warm season…….warm NOT hot any more.

MM F-13Yolo thinks it is still hot so he waited in the pool to cool his paws.  Afterwards he basks in the shadow of a huge gray pine while the final sun rays warm the house.MM F-14Mr Manx appears through the shadows and visits while the Sundogs cool off one last time.MM F-9Sasha has been busy doing something,  probably chasing butterfly’s, so now is time for her last dip of the day.MM F-11The sun sets while the shadows fall over her like a blanket.   She stands like a statue.MM F-15From every angle she is as calm as the water.  So is her reflection.MM F-2Lassen ripples the calm, having to take a drink before retiring to inside Sundog.  A nightly ritual.MM F-3But first he has to check at what lies over the edge.  Just in case. MM F-4I go to turn off the back door light and I hear Rosie bray.  Kind of weird for this time of night.  Especially since I know I fed her enough.  Rockin’ Roy is cooking dinner.  I leave him to go check the barn. MM F-19 I sling on some sandals and hit the trail.  The barn is still.  No lions, bears or coyotes.MM F-17Rosie has it all under control.MM FOn the way back to the house I look at my back yard and pinch myself.MM F-18I decide to try out some night photography.  Not my specialty. No time for tripods but the house looks kinda pretty all lit up huh?MM F-20This is the side gate where I lock the Sundogs in jail.  I like the way the light looks warm and the temperature outside is starting to dip. MM F-21The vegetable beds are teaming over and over with squash, peppers and pumpkins….well a few pumpkins.   I think that is Venus.MM F-22I come around the corner and what do I see.  I guess the girls have not had enough cooling off yet.  Now both Maisie and Sasha stand like statues in the pool.  What a freaky night.MM F-5It is time to retire inside Sundog.  The wine is not too special but nice.  Some Chilean Malbec.MM F-8With a glass of wine in hand I sit down near my treasures.  Memories of Lieana, rocks from the High Black Rock and Red Desert. My beautiful handmade gourd by Claudia Howell draped with my beaded hat band. And right behind that which you can barely see is my antlers that I found in Wyoming this summer.  The antlers are for a different story.MM F-6I gaze at my two master pieces.  “Synergy” as you see here and…MM F-7“Trios”  I will never get another shot like either one of them.  I made Trios BIG.  It is on canvas 60 in x 40 in.  They are our friends.MM F-24It is time for a late dinner.  Rockin’ Roy is finishing off a different wine.  He prefers Cabernet.  Accompanying  the wine are some homegrown pleasures.MM F-25The kitchen looks inviting.  I see Rockin’ Roy has already started eating dinner without me now so I’d better sit down real soon.MM F-23I am not a food photographer either so sorry for the blur.  But I can show you what Rocking Roy cooked up.  He already gobbled down the grilled summer squash and is now critiquing the grilled pork chops and grilled romaine salad too.   Both were sensational.  I am lucky to have Rockin’ Roy around.

Since I was hungry I had to put down the camera….so that’s all folks.

Adios Amigos 🙂

8 thoughts on “Sundown at Sundog

  1. Absolutely breathtaking! My humans and I were out of town for a week, and we so missed seeing your beautiful photographs, and hose gorgeous, sweet pups! Enjoy this beautiful time of the year, with wine, of course. 🙂


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