Working in Wyoming: Part Two

June 2013 sm_-21

I thought this photo would be fun to start part two of my WORK trip.  One of the other photographers, NOT TONY, thought it would be a fun idea to take some human photos, well human and horse.  So upon looking around for subjects it did not take long to decide on Lindsey and Lindsay to start with.   Do you see what I mean?June 2013 sm_-44This Lindsay belongs here.  She is the “daughter” of Absaroka Ranch.  She was born and raised here.  She was our main trail guide taking us up in the surrounding mountains and then back down again safely. MM F-7And get this….this is Lindsey too.  This Lindsey comes here for the summer.  She was one of our trail guides too.  Of course everyone fell in love with the Lindsey’s chaps.Wyo G1724This Lindsey is very happy to be here for the summer.   Winters here are a different story.June 2013 sm_-24The photo shoot was going well.  How could it not be with these two for subjects? June 2013 sm_-45So we assured the Lindsey’s they could dismount. HB 12In the same field we did a photo shoot with the white..I mean gray horses.  The Lindsey’s helped keep the horses moving.HB 10And provided cover for them when they needed to rest and walk.June 2013 sm_-20Before I leave this field I have to show you Porter again.   This is him galloping into the field in the morning.  Gray horses (you are not really supposed to call them white) are easiest to photograph in my humble opinion.  Even when they have muddy paws…..I mean hoofs.June 2013 sm_-19I had to show you Thor too.  He came galloping right after Porter.  How about that tatoo.  Do ya think he picked the design?   He has a good life here at Absaroka in the summer.June 2013 sm_-51After the field we decided to get some inside shots of the Lindsey’s and a few of the GUYS.  This is Lindsay still looking cute in her photo shoot clothes.  The staff here keep this tack room organized, spic and span.June 2013 sm_-48I know there has to be at least 20 saddles in this tack room….not to mention pads, bridles, halters etc.June 2013 sm_-50Do they look like they are working?June 2013 sm_-17I said I was going to show you a few of the guys.  So here is the MAIN guy.  Bud Betts with daughter Lindsey.  You can tell they have a crappy relationship.June 2013 sm_-47And here is another guy, a lucky guy.   This is Brooklyn.  He is lucky because he is marrying Lindsay with the light pink shirt in two weeks.  Bud Betts will be his father in law.  Lucky again for Brooklyn, Bud likes him.June 2013 sm_-52Lindsay and Brooklyn spending a little time in the tack room out of the hot sun.June 2013 sm_-53One thing leads to another.June 2013 sm_-46This Lindsey with the dark pink shirt has a few admirers of her own. June 2013 sm_-15Next to the big tack room was a little dark room big enough for a horse to walk into…..and out.     We SQUEEZED in with the horse and lots of grass hay.   Tony showed up how to get a shot like this.  It took me awhile to get all the grass hay out of my jeans after that shoot.Santa Fe2After the afternoon shoots it was time to catch the horses charging back to freedom again.  Here they are coming out of the main hang out pen.  Don’t ask me to name them.  The only name I remember of this group is AMOS.   The bald face Appy second from left.  Someone called him ugly.  I say…….no horse is ugly.  Especially Amos.June 2013 sm_-12After escaping their main hang out the horses got to escape another “holding pen” (awful sounding huh).  And we photographers were able to photograph them escaping.  This time I decided to stand in the creek and get them coming over the bridge.  The suspense was almost as good as watching them run by.June 2013 sm_-55Here they come and went.June 2013 sm_-56But lots more are coming.  Echoing trotting sounds over the bridge.  Music to my ears.June 2013 sm_-13Wow I almost shot an entire body.   Being in the creek and shooting at ground level was fun.  But I had some very large surprise visitors in the creek.  I did not photograph them because they were almost on top of me.   Someone wanted a drink before running up the mountain to freedom.  They did not run me over.  I quickly exited the creek.June 2013 sm_-33The rest of the nights I shot from this angle.  The Aspens were protecting me.June 2013 sm_-30Now that is a horse race.  I know that is Ben trying to take over the gray.  That could be Noah in the lead but those grays are hard to name.June 2013 sm_-32Ben is usually the leader.  June 2013 sm_-31Someone is putting him to the test!

That’s it for today…..stay tuned for the finale of Working in Wyoming…..coming soon.

Adios Amigos

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