The Knight: Trick or Treat?

You may have already met him but if not I am excited to introduce you to……

“The Knight”.      Call him a trick or a treat.

He is a Friesian show stallion. His formal name is Knight Invader so I call him Knight.  His name is not what matters though.  What matters is giving you a glimpse of him against orange on Halloween.   This is line of fine art images I am showing and selling entitled   THE KNIGHT SERIES.  Enjoy this magnificent being.


Head of the Knight

Elusive Knight

Knight Cover

_MG_0979 (1)

The Mane Knight


Knight Roll


Flying Knight

_MG_1192 - Version 2

Fire Up the Knight


             “Knight Fling”

      And last but not least.   The award-winning…..      _MG_0950 - Version 2 - Version 2 “Beauty of the Knight”

Good Knight

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