Sasha’s Turn

This is the story of Sasha’s labor and birthing, told by Sasha.  It is a story which can be told many times in many different ways by many mama doggies all over the world.  Here’s Sasha’s turn at it.

Sasha-2“It all started on a Wednesday night. The panting started so into the whelping box we go.  My human Mama Jo encouraged me in here.”Sasha-3“I don’t feel so good.  What is happening to me?  Mama Jo tells me to stay in here so I reluctantly agree.”Sasha-6I have to rest in between panting.Sasha-10Somehow I feel my life is changingSasha-9 I am OK with change.Sasha-7Just let me keep panting.Sasha-8By keeping my mouth open I cool myself down.Sasha-11I hope all this work pays off.Sasha-13Mama Jo is ready for something.  What it is I am not sure about yet.Sasha-12She has this box of pretty colored things out.  I vaguely remember seeing this box out last year at about this time. Sasha-5And this piece of equipment.  I have no idea what it is.  I see her bring it to her human job sometimes and it was here last year about this time too.Sasha-4It is now around 1 pm on Thursday afternoon.  I’ve been at this for hours and hours.   I’m tired of the box so mom lets me get out to lay at her feet.  How long will this go on?Sasha-31The Sundogs are very anxious to know about my progress.  Uncle Yolo is the main guard at my labor and delivery suite door. Sasha-39As soon as my Mama Jo turned her back at the open labor suite door look who took a stand.  My canine mama seemed a little worried and wanted to jump in the box with me.Sasha-30That is why I took the opportunity to jump out.  I made it over the side wall despite my big belly….it pays to be in shape.Sasha-41My canine mama continued to take a stand in the box I was supposed to be in.  She looks very happy in there.  I’m a little worried.Sasha-40This is her pathetic face. She was trying to tell my Mama Jo… “I AM THE ONE SUPPOSED TO BE IN HERE DELIVERING BABIES!”Sasha-45Finally Mama Jo told my canine mama OUT !  Sasha-46She listened thank goodness.  Because I needed the box back.Sasha-34After that fiasco Mama Jo opened the sliding door and told me I had to go outside.  I was a bit reluctant especially because it was a very windy day.Sasha-36I took a few sips of water from the pool being careful not to wet my feet.  I then went down to my usual place to take care of business.  Even though I really wanted to go back inside out of the wind.Sasha-38When I came back inside I dreaded going back in the box.  So I tried to stay under Mama Jo’s desk.  This weird feeling inside me was getting weirder.Sasha-32So I decided to get back in my box.  I mean our box.Sasha-29I could not decide whether to stand up.Sasha-33Or lay down.Sasha-47I tried to just stick my head in the corner and pretend this would all stop happening to me.Sasha-49I was trying to maintain my cool but started to get kind of panicky.  I looked back at Mama Jo and she said “Good girl, this will all be over soon.”Sasha-18But I had to stand up again.Sasha-16I felt I had to sniff every last inch of the box.Sasha-15And rearrange the sheets Mama Jo put in the box.Sasha-25I had to paw quite a bit to get things just the way I wanted them.

Sasha-26For some reason all the rearranging of the sheets in the world would not be enough to satisfy me.Sasha-28I needed to rest so down I went.Sasha-21I slept for maybe 60 seconds.Sasha-23I tried to forget about all this.Sasha-20Until I had to face the fact…..this weirdness is not going away.  I feel the need to PUSH something out of me.Sasha-43So I get up and realize something is going on down there.Sasha-44Oh boy……you may not want to see the next few photo’s if you are faint at the site of blood or any inner body part.  My Mama Jo feels she wants to document EVERYTHING.  Sasha-50I pushed something out of me.  What do I do now?Sasha-51Mama Jo is watching over me and I think she is waiting for me to do something with this thing that appears to be moving.  It came with what looks like apart of my inside….YUK Mama Jo.  What do we do with this?Sasha-52I can’t take it Mama Jo you deal with it.  I’ve got more pushing to do.  Luckily Mama Jo got out the scissors and cut that yuk thing off of the thing that I think is alive.  She put the yuk in “a sacred bowel”.Sasha-53Then she rubbed the clearly alive thing with a towel and put it up to my tummy.  What do we have here?  I said to myself.Sasha-54All of the sudden I feel relieved and happy.  Maybe there is a purpose to all this.Sasha-55Before you know it I had three alive things.  I was happy but under the realization this may go on for awhile.  How many alive things am I going to have when this is all over? Sasha-56I’m also starting to realize I need to take more of an active role in this.  Not that I have not been working hard but I know now I have four BABIES, YES BABIES!!   And I need to take care of them even though I am in the process of pushing more out.  Thank goodness Mama Jo has those scissors for cutting, two hands for ripping open the gosh darn sac they come enclosed in and the sacred bowl to put aside the yuk.Sasha-57OK this is baby number 5.  And even though I have four babies crawling all around me, even underneath me,  I am going to take over Mama Jo’s job.  Something inside of me tells me I must.  Here goes, my teeth can do what Mama Jo’s hands do and something tells me I must consume they yuk.  I’ve gotten over the nausea I was experiencing earlier.  For some reason the yuk is looking yummy now. Yuk.Sasha-58I did it!  I delivered baby number five without Mama Jo.  I gotta take a brief snooze.  I just know I’ve got more babies coming.  I can feel it.Sasha-59My babies came a few days early.  I know because Mama Jo told me.  They are having no problem feeding at my tummy.   This feeding part is not so hard.  They just automatically go to my tummy and suck.Sasha-61I think I have eight babies now and it is time for another nap.  For some reason when they suck I get tired.  Mama Jo says it is all part of Gods plan for mamas.Sasha-62While I sleep and feed my babies at the same time my canine Mama awaits at the outside door.  I feel a little sorry for her since I’ve taken her job but I am so tired I can’t get up to console her.  I had another baby soon after this photo was taken.  My Mama Jo was pleasantly surprised since Dr. Esh told her I had 8 babies.  I wanted to sleep like this all night but when it turned dark Mama Jo made me leave my babies to go outside and get cleaned up.  After that I settled right back down in my box with my babies feeling confident like I had done this a hundred times.  I told Mama Jo I’ve got this all under control.  She went to eat and DRINK with Rockin’ Roy and before you know it she was back.  She laid down on her bed nearby, the one I sleep on with her sometimes, and closed her eyes.  I knew she would not leave me. Sasha-70I felt heavenly sleeping in the box with my babies now.   I had a pretty good night considering what I had just been through for the last 21 hours.  Sasha-71In the morning upon awakening I felt even more proud.  We made it through our first night.  Mama Jo wants to leave you with some close-ups of my perfect babies.

I’ve said enough.




Sasha-63Adios Amigo’s!!!

35 thoughts on “Sasha’s Turn

    • Oh Bailey! We have never meet but I have heard about you. You were born in the 07 litter, your puppy name was Sugar Pine,you were fluffy white and you had a yellow ribbon. Mama Jo almost kept you and cried when you left. Even though she knew you were going to a good home. It is OK with me as I love my canine Mama Maisie, your sister. Mama Jo says we need to get your updated photo on the Danehy Goldens website.


    • Thank you Joy and Two Engaging Goldens! I’m glad you enjoyed Sasha’s story. I’m sure you are right there will be another 101 puppy post. How can I only put 80 or 90 Golden puppy photo’s up? For some reason with Goldens puppies you have to bubble over, like Champangne. Raising puppies is not work for me it is a pleasure.


  1. Oh, sweet Sasha, you did such a magnificent job and your little puppies are beyond adorable. Where to you think little bonus Puppy #9 was hiding? 😉 I am so looking forward to watching you be a marvelous mother and watching your little pups grow up over the next several weeks.


    • I have no idea how many puppies I had Miss Harper Lee. Only Mama Jo and Dr Esh came up with the number of 8. I just know my tummy was filled to the brim and they needed to come out. I’m am relieved they are out. Thank you for calling me marvelous…..what ever that means it sounds good. My babies are calling so I’m signing out for the night, Sasha.


  2. I had to come read this post again…..
    Sasha, you are such a natural. Just as your Mama Jo is a natural at capturing these moments perfectly.


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