6 Awards 9 Puppies and a Mama

Sasha-33 I have been avoiding writing this post for 7 months.  Is that enough procrastination?    I don’t usually write about myself.

I write about my animals and sometimes other animals.  Like this beautiful mama dog and puppies sleeping late into night.   As many of you know this mama dog is my Sasha.  She does not just feed her babies in the box she sleeps and snuggle with them all night.  Sasha-4

OK I’ll spit it out.   I am honored to tell you I have been nominated for several blogger awards during the last 7 months.  AND  to officially accept the awards I NEED TO FINALLY ACKNOWLEDGE my fellow bloggers who  nominated me for these awards.  The only way I know how to do this is by doing what I normally do.  Flood you with images.  Like this one.Sasha-7

I’ve got to share puppy photo’s during this LONG awards acceptance post because if I don’t I’m going to have a lot of unhappy followers who want a dose of CUTENESS.  Here is cuteness in the making.

The first award I was granted (sometime last summer) was THE LOYAL READER award from MISS HARPER LEE.   Miss Harper Lee granted me the award because I follow and interact with her blog faithfully.  She does not know it but I want to visit Baton Rouge sometime in her life time.loyal-reader-award

If you have not met Miss Harper Lee you are in for a treat!  She is a super obedient Golden Retriever from Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  She does not know how darling, talented and funny she is.

Hint…..she loves watermelon.


OK now for a cuteness blast in between awards.Sasha

Sasha is doing some early education with her babies.   The art of sock gathering.Sasha-3“I have to wait for them to wake up so I can show them how to fit at least two socks in your mouth at the same time.”


Ok I must get on with awards.  The second award I was granted,  TIMES 2,  was THE VERSATILE BLOGGER AWARD versatile-bloggerAm I versatile?  According to Websters dictionary versatile means…..   Able to adapt or be adapted to many different functions.  “You mean like writing about 17 different animals on the ranch?

 Mrs. P  from WE LIVE IN A FLAT nominated me for this award and according to Mrs P versatile is…. and I quote

“The ones that break through all that noise in the blogosphere to reach us are resourceful.   The ones that got us to “like” them are effective.    The ones that got us to follow them are interesting.    The ones that did all of the above and influenced our thoughts/actions are… versatile.”

Be sure to visit Mrs. P who lives in a flat in Singapore.  Mrs P does amazing photography with a smart phone and blogs daily about raising Donna a rescued mongrel.  I am envious of her writing talent and graphic arts skills.   I feel a bit like a lazy blogger after I read her posts.


I was also nominated for the versatile blogger award by RUBY THE BLACK LABRADOR   Ruby is a strong willed, water-loving, always hungry black Labrador from Sydney, Australia.  She takes her owner for a walk every day and this is a journal of her adventures.  You won’t be disappointed.  Ruby is very resourceful.


TIME FOR A CUTENESS BLAST!    Introducing with eyes almost wide open….the boys:)Sasha-26Howdy!Sasha-32CinchSasha-25PartnerSasha-16And last but not least CowboySasha-15Cowboy Boots

I was also awarded from Mrs P  MY FAVORITE THINGS AWARD

Do I need to tell you about my favorite things?  I think you know.favorite-things-sschessies I have TWO more awards to tell you about. The next was award I have been nominated for is THE SHINE ON AWARDshine-on-awardThe Shine On Award is given to blogs that make you feel good and are inspiring to the reader.  Gee whiz…..making people feel good and being inspiring all in one.  I am humbled.

Colleen  MacDougall from THE PATRON SAINT OF DOGS nominated me for this award.     Writing “The Patron Saint of Dogs” is Colleen’s way of helping to save abused and abandoned dogs and cats in the real world. A portion of every sale of will be donated to animal rescue organizations in Canada and around the world.

Shine On

TIME FOR CUTENESS and the girls….Sasha-14SunnySasha-13ReinSasha-31StarSasha-17PearlSasha-28and  RiataSasha-30Wondering how she can get off the scaleSasha-29While being examined by her Grandma Maisie.

The last award I  have been nominated for by TWO different people is the LIEBSTER AWARDliebster_awardLiebster means DEAREST in German.  It is awarded to new bloggers with less that 200 followers.  Lately my blog has been growing and has grown to over 200 followers but I accept the nomination retro active OK?

THANK YOU to The International Cowgirl  A Scottish cowgirl who’s passions range from animals to astronauts.


And last but not least THANK YOU Julianne from Through the Peacocks Eyes (astrology), Streets of San Francisco(photography), Swami Zoe’s Yoga and Zen (Kitty)AND Haiku By Ku  (Doggie) YES SHE HAS FOUR BLOGS!!!  And they are all faaaannntttasssticcc!   Hint hint….


With every award nomination there are certain rules you have to follow to accept and each awards rules are different but kinda the same.

Sasha-5I’m going to simplify the rules because I can and have to get on with CUTENESS.  #1 You have to thank your mother…..I mean the person or persons who nominated you. DONE

#2 You have to nominate a certain number of persons for the award and then tell them.   I’ll pick one award from above for 5 people.  #3 You have to explain the rules, almost done.

#4 You have to answer some questions or tell somethings about yourself.  I’m going to answer questions put forth by The International Cowgirl because they are simple questions.   But first I must show you mama Sasha at work.  We will get back to following the rules in a bit.  Sasha-11The tongue gets a workout on a constant basis.Sasha-9There are tiny treats under tails.Sasha-8And lots of tails Sasha keeps close attention too.

OK these are the questions I am going to answer

1. If you could do anything in world (which you can anyway) and money was not a worry, what would you do?

I know this sounds boring but I would finish building Sundog Ranch.  We need the landscaping finished by the pool, the property fenced, a goat pen built, and another barn for hay storage and  A TRACTOR!!!

2. What is your favorite color

Purple hands down.

3. What is your dream job?

Being a photographer for Orvis.

4. If you could talk to and hang out with any celebrity (alive or dead) for a day, who would it be?

Mr. Ed

5. When did you start blogging and what made you decide to blog?

I started blogging in January 2013.  I wanted to tell more than I can on a Facebook or twitter post  and I wanted to share the thousands of images and stories I have of my animals.

6. Do you prefer to bake or cook? What is your favorite recipe?

Cook.   Homemade chicken soup.

7. If you were President, what is the one thing you would change or try to accomplish first and foremost?

To listen to and gain trust from ALL American people, conservative or liberal.

8. Where would you go on a dream vacation?

I’d go back to Ireland

9. What is one quirky or unique thing about you?

I have a hard time settling for mediocrity.

10. Do you follow sports and have a favorite team?

Not really.  I root for my home town teams if they are in the playoffs.  The Oakland A’s or Raiders or the San Francisco Giants or 49r’sSasha-18I’m almost done except for MY nominations for an award I get to pick.  But fist I have to tell you about Grandma Maisie.  Maisie is having some issues not being the mother to Sasha’s puppies.  So I have finally given in.  I’ll let the pictures tell a story.Sasha-19




Thank for letting me help Mom.  I have lots of experience.

NOW for a very important part of this post.   MY  5 nominations for the Versatile Blogger Award






All the nominees in NO WAY have to reciprocate or accept this nomination.  No hard feelings if you pass on the award.  It takes time to write a acceptance post ESPECIALLY when you have 6 AWARDS to accept like I did.  If you do accept follow my rules loosely or make up your own rules kinda like I did.

I’ll leave you with one more cutenessSasha-12

Adios Amigos

25 thoughts on “6 Awards 9 Puppies and a Mama

  1. You continue to amaze me. The first time we spoke I knew you were a special gem. Although I did have a bit of a doubt when meeting you for the first time after arriving so late to the hotel that tottie time had kicked in. You are genuine and inspire me. Keep up the good work! Thanks for taking such great care of Shilos babies. He watches the pics and videos with me and sends his love. Hope to get up your way before to long.



    • LOL I remember siting in The Equus lounge waiting for you, almost finished with my dirty martini. After I saw you walk in with Shilo and then started to started getting to know you guys I ordered a second dirty martini…..LOL Cheers to a wonderful union between Shilo and Sasha. You amaze me too Michelle! Hugs to Shilo. Tell him what a good job he did.


  2. You are too kind, Jo! I have been slacking off a lot and have a couple of awards that I’ve been procrastinating on as well. LOL … Great photos of dogs as always! 😀 Have a great week ahead!!


  3. Congrats! Talent with an eye for photo (composition, color, subject, etc.) and
    now acknowledgment from peers for words and photos. Your blogs encompass
    cute and personable puppie pics, not to mention stories and pictures about your
    other resident animals, as well as life in general. Good work, but then again,
    for you – your blog is a work of love!


  4. Oh you’ve done it to me again! So much cute in one post! i love the approach you took in writing this post. Huge congrats on all the awards and very well deserved methinks! A big thank you for all the links too, lots of new blogs to add to my reader in there.
    Hugs, Carrie (Myfie, Ellie and Millie) x


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