Little Hearts

Sasha-7“Today was a BIG day.  We ended up in a new place with lots of STUFF around.   RRRRRRed stuff”Sasha-5“We see through the walls.  We can’t see very far but we can see with our very own new eyes.”Sasha-2“We were a little scared of the rrrrrred stuff.  Especially since we are just starting to see with our new eyes and walk and understand the big world.”Sasha-36“Our mama did not care about the rrrrrrrred stuff.  She seemed more interested in something else way far away.”Sasha-35“Apparently taking care of us is a big job.”Sasha-26“Everywhere we go this rrrrrrred stuff follows us.”Sasha-28Thump a Thumb a Thump.  Can you imagine how soft we are?Sasha-21Our mama loves us because she is willing to lay here for us as long as we are hungry.  Thank goodness for mama’s.Sasha-29She gets a little worried about being in a new place too.  I think she might be feeling a little vulnerable.Sasha-22Thank goodness once we suckle for awhile the happy hormones kick in and mama relaxes.Sasha-23Thank goodness for motherly love.Sasha-24I’m going to say it again.  Can you imagine how soft we are?Sasha-30Feeding time is the highlight of our day.  Which happens about 12 times a day.  Once we are done feeding we venture to the outer limits…..of mamas body.  And there is all this rrrrrrrrrred stuff around today.Sasha-25I think our human mama likes rrrrrrrred and white.  Especially around puppy dog tails.Sasha-9We have to be careful around the rrrrrred stuff.Sasha-8Otherwise we get stuck in it.  What have I got myself into now?  Mammmmmaaaa!Sasha-10Some of us are good are keeping out of trouble and the rrrrrrred stuff.Sasha-11Even in the big new place.  Sasha-6Because napping is important for our well-being.Sasha-37Eventually we wake up…..oh boy we are still in the rrrrrred stuff.Sasha-38As long as my friends and mama are here I’m OK with it.Sasha-17Before you know it our human mama starts to put us in weird places…..and she is smiling about it.Sasha-18Can you please tell me what is going on here?  How do I get back to my buddies?Sasha-13This couch is very soft. Would you like to smell my breath?Sasha-16I’m being good for my human mama.  I sit here quietly like I am suppose too…..I think.Sasha-15While she changes her camera settings I decide to take a little snooze in between photos.Sasha-39Human mama says everyone has to get their picture taken today.  Not sure what all the fuss is about especially with all this rrrrred stuff.  My puppy name is Sunny. Sasha-12My puppy name is Star.  That is why I am in this rich looking rrrrrred velvet…….Sasha-19and shiny sequins!Sasha-40After we get done with this photo shoot….Will you be my valentine?  My name is Howdy, how about your name?SashaSome of us do well in the basket.  My name is Riata.  I don’t mind the basket.  Pitter Pat, Pitter Pat, Pitter Pat.Sasha-33My name is Cowboy.  I prefer to stay next to my real mama right now.  If you pick me up I might have to lick your face…..and you would have to smell my breath. Sasha-14Am I making you blush?  Thump a Thump…….My name is Pearl.  I’m getting sleepy.Sasha-27 I think I will go back to sleep.   All this pink and red is making me feel euphoric.  At this stage in life euphoric means I go to sleep.Sasha-31It has been a big day in the middle of all this rrrrred stuff.   Heads or tails?  Tails, you win.

Adios Amigos

21 thoughts on “Little Hearts

  1. Oh my gosh! well, that made my valentines day! YES, I can imagine how soft you are and I would love to msell your puppy breath! Oh your mum, she teases us!
    Hugs, Carrie (Myfie, Ellie and Millie) x


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