WaterLily Princess

We are a little lonely at Sundog Ranch these days since all our canine babies are gone.  So when my friend Kristen asked if I wanted to drop by and take some photo’s of her baby foal, I mean Jewel’s baby filly,  I LEAPED at the chance.StormIt is not everyday you get to hang out with and photograph a four day old foal, I mean filly,  and her mama.   That is Kristen on the left adoring her new filly and my friend Yovie being her silly self.  Why do baby animals elicit silly behavior in humans?  I don’t know but I think it is a universal thing.Storm-2This lovely filly bringing so much joy is named WaterLily Princess.  Her name will be Lily for short.   In case you are unfamiliar with horse terms filly means a a young female horse, usually less that four years old.  Colt is a young boy horse.  See what you can learn on The Sundog Drift!Storm-25Lily would be lost if were not for her wonderful mama named Jewel.  Jewel is a stunning and very talented Hanoverian (a German breed).  Jewel has a fancy name too but not sure what it is.  If you are reading Kristen please enlighten us.  Lily’s daddy’s name is Waterford.  Hence WaterLily.  Daddy Waterford is kinda famous or distinguished I might say.  He is a BIG time, BIG stallion, Hanoverian CHAMPION.  Storm-9Waterford’s babies like Princess Lily, I mean WaterLily Princess,  will no doubt become distinguished too.   Just look at that face.Storm-20Look at that those long legs! Storm-18Look how she moves!   Effortlessly ahead of her mother at four days old.   They go to the left.Storm-15And then to the right.  Mama Jewel says “Rest and pose for the camera Lily before we……   Storm-14…….float  to the right.”Storm-11Now floating to the left.  This time in the sunshine.  Thank you very much says Mama Jo.   Movement AND lighting is very important for good horse photos.Storm-12 Princess Lily never fails to get ahead of Mama Jewel. Storm-13  I think Mama Jewel may be letting Lily win. Storm-7Baby horses are amazing.  Besides being able to instantaneously run upon birth they can also eat solid foods right away.  Like grass and green stuff.Storm-55Baby horses drink a lot too.  Milk that is. Storm-56Yum. Storm-60After eating and drinking just standing up can be a balancing act. Storm-33So just like with any other baby sleep is on the menu.  But in the case of baby horses mama is ALWAYS hovering above just inches away.  Storm-40And the babies say…. “We don’t sleep until until we can’t keep our eyes open any longer.”  Storm-48Down for the count.   There is Mama Jewel hovering above like every mama horse is supposed to.Storm-50Life is good.  Did I tell you how sweet and soft Lily is?Storm-49Splendor in the grass or I should say splendor in the greens. Storm-43Just a cat nap.  I mean filly nap.Storm-44The warm air through mama’s nostrils or any horses nostrils to a horse lover….Storm-45…….is a nice way to wake up. Storm-47“There is a lot to explore in the big world out there.” Storm-51“So I’d better think about getting up.” Storm-52

UpStorm-53Almost up. Storm-54All the way up.Storm-58Horses spend a lot of time up. Storm-28Up eating….. Storm-26and running. Storm-27And running away.


Adios Amigo’s!

12 thoughts on “WaterLily Princess

  1. Such pleasures of life, to be with such gorgeous animals. That filly is just awesomely cute. I wish i could cuddle her. Here in India, not many places with such greenery and wide-open spaces sadly.


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