Turkey Town

Sasha M 2-10There has been a lot of tail wagging around the puppy palace lately.  And it ain’t because we got puppies in there. Sasha M 2-11As you may know the puppy palace has become “Turkey Town”  Don’t worry Turkey Town is just a temporary home until a more appropriate facilities can be constructed.  Lassen does not care.  All he knows is he cannot stop staring and drooling over these strange walking birds.  Sasha M 2-8Maisie does not care either.   Her taste buds are on fire.  She is suddenly hungry and she has no puppies to feed.   Sasha M 2-3We’ve got a variety of turkeys now.  Inside in the whelping box we now have some heritage turkeys!  Heritage means they are not bred just for meat.  They can live long lives for a turkey, unlike meat turkeys which can MAYBE live till one year old. Wikipedia’s definition states  “Heritage turkeys are a variety of strains of domestic turkey which retain historic characteristics that are no longer present in the majority of turkeys raised for consumption since the mid-20th century.”    The two yellows are Royal Palms and will turn white and black and the blacks are Spanish blacks.  They will be inside Turkey Town for awhile.  Sasha M 2-7Outside we have our slightly older Rio Grands or just plain old wild turkeys who are indigenous to our area.   They are the ones I wrote about recently.  They are now outside birds and live in the yard of Turkey Town.  Do you like my impromptu turkey coop…I mean turkey town?Sasha M 2-4Taking photo’s trough a wire fence is a challenge. Sasha M 2-6But I used my super photographer skills to focus right in on these wild ones. Sasha M 2-5I think these are the hens you are looking at through the fence.  Just like the Sundogs and the Manx brothers have to too.  A couple of them are starting to get those weird red bumps on their necks…called turkey beards.  So I’m sure we got a couple gobblers!  Tom Turkeys in Turkey Town.   I hope they like turkey town and don’t fly away some day once they are big enough and I decide to let them out.Sasha M 2Stay tuned for more Turkey Town Tails.

Adios Amigos!

9 thoughts on “Turkey Town

  1. I enjoyed my visit to Turkey Town, how cute! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a baby turkey before…those little chickens get all the press it seems. I’m looking forward to more turkey tales!


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